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Breathe, a Magic Leap 1 experience, premieres at Sundance Film Festival

Magic Leap is proud to announce that Brazilian artist Diego Galafassi and production companies Fasad, Crimes of Curiosity, Phi Studio, and Fantomatico will be premiering their location-aware experience as part of the New Frontier program at Sundance Film Festival 2020.

With every breath we take, we inhale more molecules than grains of sand on earth and stars in the galaxy combined. In Breathe set design, sound, lighting, and story are tightly interwoven in a multi-sensory experience for Magic Leap 1 to tell the story of our breath. Breathe takes place in three acts, first connecting us with our own breath, then the breath of other humans, and finally how our breath interacts with the rest of the atmosphere.

The layers of the experience are designed to interact with one another in a rhythmic and integrated multi-sensorial flow, and this is the first experience to pair Magic Leap 1 with biometric sensors. Breathe is “location-aware”, which means it draws from local environmental data, including wind patterns, air quality indicators and greenhouse gas indicators. The application is also portable, so it can follow the user into any location and is not rooted to a specific spot.

Breathe was developed at the Sundance New Frontier artist in residency program at Johns Hopkins, and at the Phi Centre’s inaugural residency in Montreal. The experience is narrated by Actress Zazie Beetz, best known for her roles in hits like FX’s Atlanta, Deadpool 2, and the Oscar-nominated film Joker. The team behind Breathe also collaborated with Johns Hopkins’ Earth and Planetary Sciences group and the MIT group of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences to develop a tool that visualizes, in real-time, how the air from the location of the experience will travel across the world.

Each time you encounter Breathe you will have a different experience. The application is “generative” as opposed to “deterministic”, which means it generates animations that are adapted to each participant’s unique body state and rhythm (through breathing patterns). This biometric data informs the application, giving participants a visceral experience where inner and outer worlds are mixed and fundamentally connected.

Breathe harnesses the power of spatial computing and sensor technology to tell the story of our breath and connect us to the world we inhabit.

Find out more about the Sundance Film Festival’s New Frontier program where you can experience Breathe.

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