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Your room is now your playground

Step into a delightfully weird new world of colorful characters, art and physics. Because Magic Leap One understands the world around you, physical and digital barriers dissolve and a new dynamic landscape manifests in your room.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

Freedom of expression

Every artist has a favorite brush — an extension of their imagination that feels right in your hand and gives you the power to bring any canvas to life. In Create, we offer explorers the dexterity to construct a rubber ball rollercoaster, the precision to paint with smooth strokes and textures, and the sensation you expect when fastening a thruster to a hamburger rocketship.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

Create your own stories

Take a World Brush to your wall and paint a forest full of life. Build a castle made of cake for a knight who’s on the run. Arrange a room full of dominoes and watch a testy T-Rex knock them all down. And when you’ve had your fun, toss it all in a vortex and start a brand-new adventure. This world is uniquely yours, play the way you want to play.


Create is a broadly accessible experience. Intuitive interactions and recognizable content allow you to venture into spatial computing in your own space, on your own terms.


Learn how Magic Leap One works through Create, and explore spatial computing in a way that can't help but make you smile.


Create provides a clear look at how a multitude of features work on Magic Leap One, from character AI to UI interactions, room meshing to 6DoF controls.

Magic Leap Studios was born from Magic Leap’s comic book roots and has evolved into an eclectic team of animators, producers, artists, developers and superheroes dedicated to making the weird and wonderful come to life.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

Take the leap

A new playground of creative potential is taking shape. So if you’re a developer, creator, dreammaker or explorer, come create with Magic Leap One Creator Edition.


Starting at $96/month at 0% APR.

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