Real solutions for modern Manufacturing challenges

Modernize your Manufacturing workflows with Magic Leap 2. Train workers quicker, retain them for longer, and attract top talent when recruiting. Speed up daily processes on the factory floor and improve overall operating conditions. Optimize the overall performance of every employee and piece of equipment in your organization by bringing true augmented reality onboard.

AR is revolutionizing modern Manufacturing.

Quality Control and Inspection

Overlay inspection criteria onto physical objects, improving accuracy and efficiency in quality control processes and reducing defects.

Remote Assistance

Facilitate remote expert assistance for both employees and customers. Troubleshoot and problem-solve 1:1 from anywhere. Keep your business running smoothly and keep your customers satisfied.

Training and Workforce Development

Upskill employees faster than ever with AR-based training programs. Increase the rate of skill acquisition while reducing training time and costs, and improving overall workforce productivity.

Design and Visualization

Quickly visualize and iterate on new and existing product designs. Streamline the design validation process, minimize errors, and put out new or updated product lines faster than ever before.

Assembly and Maintenance

Guide assembly and maintenance technicians with real time instructions on the job. Reduce costly mistakes while improving overall efficiency.

Here's how Magic Leap 2 can impact your business.

Increase Productivity

Overlay text, images, videos, 3D models, and more onto the real world, giving workers unprecedented access to product documentation. Increase the overall productivity and knowledge of every worker.

Facilitate Collaboration

Empower your employees to connect with each other, and your customers, from anywhere, anytime. Boost problem-solving efficiency, increase innovation, and improve engagement and retention.

Reduce Risk

Promote a safer workplace by allowing hands-on interaction with virtual content before workers move on to the real thing. Increase regulatory compliance and minimize costly errors.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Make impactful decisions faster using strategic data and state-of-art technology, driving market differentiation, increased market share, and higher customer retention and loyalty.

Improve the Employee Experience

Streamline training and onboarding, and upskill employees faster and more effectively. Engage your team with immersive experiences that improve comprehension and increase employee satisfaction and retention.

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