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Madefire’s award-winning app and benchmark Motion Book experience is here! Explore stories from the hottest creators, largest franchises, and acclaimed originals—then get involved. Create, publish and experience your own story on Magic Leap One without needing to write a single line of code.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

Experience Storytelling in Space

Madefire has revolutionized the way stories are told by transforming a once static medium into an interactive experience. Witness moments that unfold dynamically in space around you. Surround yourself with your favorite characters, epic adventures, and experience the ultimate storytelling immersion in mixed reality.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

A New Reality for Creation

No coding required. Period. The cutting-edge Motion Book tool is the fastest and easiest way for artists, designers, and storytellers to publish and experience their creations in Magic Leap. Use it to amplify your story with motion, sound and depth. It’s open and free to use online, so get started today at xr-create.madefire.com.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

A New Generation of Creators

At Madefire, a ‘creator-first’ philosophy lies at the heart of what they do. Their goal is to provide a cutting-edge, open platform for new creators to develop stories and characters. Madefire enables and empowers others to create the legends of the 21st century.

Characters and Stories We Love

Step into Madefire’s vast catalog, featuring series from DC, Marvel, Blizzard, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Archie and many more world-class studios. The catalog also houses the best of Indie and small press with new titles landing every week.

Award-winning Madefire Originals

Many new and established creators have won awards for Madefire Original series. Madefire enables visionary designers, creators, and writers with the freedom to advance the art of storytelling.

Madefire is born from a love of comics. Every day, we bring stories to the digital world and enable storytellers to bring their characters to life. We provide all creators with our cutting-edge Motion Book Tool to publish their work across many platforms—from phone and tablet to TV and headset. Beyond our love for reading comics, we’ve always dreamt of walking into the pages and being transported to new worlds. We’re thrilled to partner with Magic Leap and make that dream—and spatial publishing—a reality for everyone.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

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Experience spatial comics and storytelling from the hottest creators, largest franchises, and acclaimed originals—or create and publish your own!


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