Magic Leap and SK Telecom Announce Exclusive Partnership

Bringing Korean Customers the Combined Power of 5G and Spatial Computing

Today, Magic Leap is very proud to announce our partnership with SK Telecom, the largest mobile operator in Korea. SK Telecom will be the exclusive telecommunications partner of Magic Leap in Korea. The companies will combine two powerful technologies, 5G and spatial computing, to deliver the next computing platform to SK Telecom customers.

The partnership is another significant building block in furthering the realization of the Magicverse, an emergent system of systems bridging the physical and digital in a persistent manner that will eventually scale to be global in reach.

As part of the partnership, the two companies will create a next generation immersive media environment utilizing Magic Leap’s devices, such as its premier spatial computing platform, the Magic Leap One, and SKT’s 5G network. We will also work together to commercialize successful 5G use cases and jointly develop related AR technologies, services, and business models.

As the premier telecom provider in Korea, SK Telecom’s relationships with creators, enterprises, developers and consumers across Korea is unmatched. We are excited to be partnering to foster the development of AR content and provide support for the developer and creator communities who are helping to build out the AR ecosystem.

SKT is excited to introduce Magic Leap to the Korean market by showcasing the device in its stores and creating exclusive content for the Magic Leap platform. SK Telecom will also host and provide support for accelerators or hackathons focused on creating content for and furthering the Magic Leap platform.

“Magic Leap is delighted to partner with SK Telecom, as we forge relationships with the world’s preeminent telecom providers to bring the next generation of computing to people around the globe,” said Omar Khan, Magic Leap chief product officer. “SK Telecom is advancing 5G with extreme speed, stability and security, providing its customers the framework necessary to experience the power of Magic Leap’s spatial computing platform.”

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