Hardware and software. Enterprise-ready right off-the-shelf.

Packaged solutions for Magic Leap 2

Magic Leap 2 Packages include the hardware, software, services, and support businesses need to implement scalable augmented reality (AR) solutions to address common enterprise challenges across industries.

Each package is configured according to use case. By pairing solutions with an industry-leading device, packages are off-the-shelf solutions that are impactful, efficient, and otherwise impossible using conventional technology.


Avrio Analytics

Scalable augmented reality emergency response training

The Watchword Package on Magic Leap 2 uses augmented reality (AR) to make overcome budgetary and logistical restrictions to make law enforcement training cost efficient, effective, realistic, and customizable at scale.



Real-time mixed reality collaboration platform for enterprise

Sphere features out-of-the-box solutions to meet a range of enterprise needs and use cases: Remote Assistance, Digital Collaboration, Workflow Guidance, and Life-Size Overlay.

Enterprise solutions available for Magic Leap 2

Standalone solutions

Individual solutions created by independent developers available to purchase and load onto Magic Leap 2. Certain solutions can be purchased to arrive preloaded on Magic Leap 2 devices (sold separately).

IT Tools & Services

Platforms or services that support infrastructure use cases such as content delivery, deployment and management of Magic Leap 2 devices and applications.



Manage, secure, and deliver enterprise-ready XR experiences

Unify endpoint management for enteprise devices, including your XR devices. Enroll XR devices, configure device policies, deliver a custom app library, deploy apps and content, remotely troubleshoot, securely wipe devices, view analytics, and much more.



Quickly setup and manage a fleet of Magic Leap 2 devices

Remotely manage AR & VR devices, deploy content, and control what users can see and do in the headset.



ManageXR is the management platform for XR deployments at scale

Set up and provision hundreds of devices quickly with our Device Setup Tool. Distribute apps, videos, webXR, files, and firmware updates remotely. Customize your home screen and use Kiosk Mode to control the user experience.



Cloud-based UEM Solution for the Everywhere Workplace

Ivanti Neurons for MDM allows organizations to easily manage the end-to-end lifecycle of all endpoints and enables secure access to their business data and apps on any endpoint (including XR devices) used by their employees, contractors, and frontline workers.

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ManageEngine Endpoint Central

UEM solution for managing heterogeneous OS and devices in your enterprise

Endpoint Central empowers your IT to manage a broad spectrum of devices and OSs in your enterprise, including XR devices. Onboard, customize, maintain and troubleshoot devices and apps anywhere, anytime. Automate and customize app updates seamlessly. Leverage Kiosk mode for restricting access to approved applications and hardware functionalities.



3D Digital Asset Management system with automated optimization

VNTANA’s patented optimization algorithms automatically reduce file size and polygon count without losing detail so you can instantly deploy 3D files from Solidworks, AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, Ansys and many more design programs into any Magic Leap experience. Everything is housed in a cloud digital asset management platform so it’s easy to manage, share, review and deploy 3D models at scale, securely.

End User Applications & Solutions

Licensable software that runs on Magic Leap 2 allowing for out-of-the box functionality for various use cases. Many solutions offer customizable options, some with low code/no code, that allow users to tailor solutions for their own specific workflows.



AR-guided instruction with 3D models, videos, docs, and remote expert support

Cross-OS AR guided work instruction solution with no-code authoring, integrated 3D models, documents, videos for operations, maintenance and training scenarios. Connect with a remote expert with see-what-I-see video for additional guidance and work validation.


Avrio Analytics

Augmented reality training for first responders using human analytics

Avrio enables immersive, augmented reality (AR) training for first responders and emergency managers across a range of high-risk scenarios, tapping Magic Leap's powerful AR platform for realistic and effective experiences in real-world spaces.


Forma Vision

Be present anywhere as a realtime hologram with holographic teleportation

Communicate and collaborate naturally, as if in the same room using realtime holograms. This meeting service is designed for business professional who would prefer to meet with others as their authentic selves in the metaverse, as opposed to an avatar persona.


Geopogo Inc.

Instantly convert standard AEC design digital files into AR models

With Geopogo AR models, entire design and construction teams can fully experience projects before they are built, clearly identifying design issues, completing the design and construction faster, at a lower cost, and with higher quality.



Real-time mixed reality collaboration platform for enterprise

Sphere features out-of-the-box solutions to meet a range of enterprise needs and use cases: Remote Assistance, Digital Collaboration, Workflow Guidance, and Life-Size Overlay.



Experience a limitless training & technical support reality

Enhance your teams' capabilities and save time and money with virtual 3D interactive training, augmented reality remote support & real time analytics—all in one platform.


Kognitiv Spark

Mixed Reality remote support for industrial environments

Whether you are on a factory floor, in a hazardous environment, or working on a complex task in a highly secure area, accuracy and safety are always be top of mind. RemoteSpark has you covered by keeping you heads up and hands-free. Get the job done right the first time.



Content management and collaboration for AR and VR

makeSEA is the fastest, easiest way to get your content into mixed reality for collaboration, sales and marketing, training, operations, and more. makeSEA enables sharing of self-produced spatial experiences, features enterprise security and co-presence out-of-the-box, and serves as an enabling foundation and rapid prototyping tool for custom apps. makeSEA+Catapult makes Magic Leap 2 instantly useful for any discipline as a better means of explaining, demonstrating, and influencing.


Visoric GmbH

Industrial Metaverse Creation Without Programming: Streamlined, Scalable, and Customizable

The XR Stager platform allows users to manage digital twins and create animations, simulations, and individual product configurations all in a cloud-based system. Leveraging AI, the XR Stager streamlines material and design reviews, all viewable within the Magic Leap 2 headset.



Guidance and knowledge when and where you need it from your best technicians

Manifest gives workers instant access to step-by-step guidance from your most experienced technicians and trainers anywhere, anytime.

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Jobsite visualization. BIM to AR with smart alignment for active projects.

Augment large buildings. Argyle converts your BIM to aligned, interactive holograms to supplement layout and QA of building projects. Patented alignment technology is responsive to changing site conditions. One-click BIM updates for realtime site visualization.



Easily create cross-platform AR experiences that can be built once and published everywhere.

Blippar is leading the way for the three-dimensional, digital revolution. Blippbuilder, the easy-to-use, yet powerful no-code 'AR for all' cross-platform creation tool, empowers creators of any level to build once and publish everywhere.



Mixed Reality collaboration platform with Microsoft Teams and Google Meet integration capabilities.

SimplyVideo provides a market leading Extend Reality Platform for an easily adopted out-of-the-box Assisted & Mixed Reality solutions for remote collaboration, remote support and 3D visualisation use cases. Our solution can integrate natively with Microsoft Teams or Google Meet, to ease adoption and visibility and can be deployed into self-hosted or private cloud environments.


VISR Stage

Introducing Stage, the immersive storytelling platform that revolutionizes collaboration in enterprise and education

Experience augmented worlds and engage with customizable avatars to collaborate in real-time, transforming the way you do business. With self-authored digital experiences that's as easy to use as Powerpoint, Stage empowers your team to communicate effectively and efficiently, creating value for your customers like never before. Join the Stage Metaverse and elevate your enterprise to new heights.



The new way to create and experience XR content

XRV is a highly customizable XR app suited for demoing the technology and features of Magic Leap 2, with real-time interaction, dynamic content loading, multi-user access and AR/VR support platform. Thanks to a no-code content editor, XRV is the best tool for consulting companies to showcase the power of XR.



The first step into the next generation of dentistry

HoloDentist recreates the Virtual Patient by combining all the patient 3D data and displays it thanks to Magic Leap 2. It enables remote collaboration between doctors and technicians for customizing the treatment plan, while improving communication and education for patients. It is compatible with all Dental CAD and software.



XR & AI for smart factories and smarter workers

BraIND 4.0 is the XR & AI modular platform that covers the most important aspects of today's smart factories: increasing productivity, reducing variability and mistakes, cutting machinery downtime and repair time while improving workplace safety by bringing all the relevant information to the worker thanks to XR technology.


Figmin XR

An easy to use AR content creation app.

Discover the wonder of AR with Figmin XR - the versatile app that lets you create, experience and collaborate with Magic Leap 2.Its powerful built-in tools, including 3D drawing powered by Tilt Brush, GIPHY, SketchFab, YouTube & Reddit integration, and physics and text editors, offer endless possibilities. Whether you want to augment a physical room, create physics experiences, tell compelling stories, or design captivating marketing content, Figmin XR makes it all possible.


Box Bear

HoloPresenter is PowerPoint for Mixed Reality

Like PowerPoint, HoloPresenter allows content to be constructed into a presentation and “slides”. It does not require internet access, running with minimal data over aprivate WiFi network for easy use at congresses and trade exhibitions.Headsets can be dynamically assigned as “Presenter” or “Viewer”. Presenters can control content on Viewers' headsets via an iPad for nonlinear presentations - or with an iPad or headset controller for linear presentations.



AirHUD Gives Drone Pilots Superpowers with AR

AirHUD is the world's first real Heads-Up Display solution for Drone Pilots ensuring you are always in complete situational control, whilst making abstract things such as airspace legislation as concrete as ceilings and walls. In addition, AirHUD allows you to use Magic Leap as a training environment with a simulated drone. This means your pilots can train with zero chance of drone damage and no weather restrictions.



Communicate and collaborate meaningfully by teleporting people and content into your real world environment

Beame is an XR platform that gives you superhuman powers to communicate and collaborate with anyone, anywhere. It transports you and your content into the same augmented reality space, where you can interact with lifelike avatars of other participants. You can explore and manipulate 2D and 3D content in ways that are impossible in the real world, unlocking new insights and closing communication gaps. Beame is the world's most advanced collaboration platform, available on Magic Leap 2 and other devices.



Data visualization solution to maximize the value of AR across the construction lifecycle

Mitigate the challenges of traditional construction methods. Streamline construction from initial design and planning, through construction and inspection to monitoring and managing building operations. 3D BIM models and digital twins integrated into real-world spaces. On-site work and inspection flexibility. Precise spatial mapping for accurate integration. Co-located viewing for real-time collaboration.


Lifecache LLC

Global Location-Based AR Management Platform

lifecache simplifies the publishing of real-time immersive content for users to consume in AR, provides a suite of tools to manage and optimize content, and aggregates unique data & analytics to guide decision making on the end-user AR experience. We are reimagining Travel, Tourism and Commerce via Augmented Reality by transforming the way these industries engage their target audiences with the next level Mobile and AR Device experiences.



Enhance efficiency of maintenance and operations processes with Service AR

SERVICE AR is an all-in-one industrial AR solution with the goal to enhance efficiency and quality of maintenance and operations processes as well as workers safety. Workers can see their current surroundings through their Using Magic Leap 2, superimposed with contextual information related to the environment. Using Magic Leap 2, the user's field of view is augmented with information such as indoor navigation, visual indications, step-by-step instructions, and remote assistance.



Visualize construction utilizing BIM overlay with EnterAR

EnterAR helps visualize upcoming construction for new facilities by utilizing BIM overlay with actual structures. For facility managers, EnterAR enables IoT/BMS data view and work orders creation for the assets and building systems.



Store and visualize facility information with Siemens Ecodomus

Siemens Ecodomus stores and visualizes facility information in 2D, 3D, AR/VR. It was the first BIM-based data management solution connected to CMMS, CAFM, BMS, GIS, ERP, simulation packages, etc. enabling the full Digital Twin of a facility or a whole campus.


svarmony Technologies GmbH

Visualizer displays products with precision in diverse environments

The visualizer optimizes processes and creates target-group-specific and emotional customer experiences that will be remembered. Even complicated application possibilities can be vividly explained with this ingenious solution and, among other things, offer valuable help in the purchase decision.


Hevolus Srl


HVERSE is the world’s first XR & Gen AI platform, that offers a vertical product for each business process and educational scenario through a low-poly/low-code approach.



Hololight Space

Hololight Space is a powerful XR software for visualizing, collaborating and interacting with 3D content. Users can visualize and work with their own 3D CAD files to review designs, plan a factory layout, perform quality assurance, or check assembly processes. Data is streamed from powerful servers to ensure high-quality visualization without the need for data optimization.

Developer Solutions

Middleware software that enables interaction and transmission of information between various applications or services running on Magic Leap 2. These developer tools and solutions provide capabilities to end user software applications to more easily integrate, support interoperability, and manage data.



Create immersive AR experiences for customers and frontline workers with Vuforia Engine

Vuforia Engine enables creating augmented reality applications both natively and on development platforms like Unity. Customers can use this flexible software to not only build AR solutions which can boost workforce efficiency and lower costs across the factory floor, but to enhance consumer facing applications as well.



Empower your team with instant, unlimited access to your BIM data from anywhere

Decouples and translates large, complex closed source BIM projects into real-time open VIMs intuitively. Users get a significant business intelligence boost with complete data and beautiful geometry at scale as they reduce project costs and delivery schedules, and increase profitability.


Agora Labs, Inc.

Agora is a pioneer and the leading API platform for real-time engagement in voice and video

Agora is the leading Real-Time Engagement (RTE) platform, helping developers deliver rich in-app experiences—including embedded voice and video chat, real-time recording, interactive live streaming, and real-time messaging.



Real-time remote streaming of AR/VR apps and 3D assets

ISAR's remote rendering solution enables high-quality XR experiences. Stream AR or VR applications, visualize high-polygon content, and interact with it locally or via the cloud. High data security - no sensitive data or applications on devices or servers



Augmented Reality Tracking for Industries

VisionLib is a multi-platform tracking library for enterprise augmented reality applications.Its Model Tracking combines CAD with image processing and brings true 3D object tracking to mixed- and augmented reality applications.



SimplyVideo SDK for Microsoft Teams & Google Meet

SimplyVIdeo’s SDK provides Magic Leap developers with native integration with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and videoconferencing hardware as well as Private Cloud and on-premise deployment capabilities through our standalone application and SDK.



Hololight Stream

By implementing Hololight Stream in any type of XR application, the rendering of XR applications is offloaded from the XR device to more powerful servers or the cloud. The solution enables real-time streaming of high-quality XR content from the server to the XR device.

Solution Integrator & Custom Development

Technology or service companies that specialize in delivering complex or custom solutions for Magic Leap 2. Solution integrators can offer a variety of services to clients in order to build or integrate end-to-end solutions. Custom Developers are familiar with best practices and the technical methods for building custom applications for Magic Leap 2 that meet the specific needs and requirements of an organization.


Shape Immersive

Develop enterprise AR and Metaverse applications for retail, gaming and media brands

Shape Immersive helps brands define their 3D technology roadmaps and build award-winning AR, VR and Metaverse apps. Shape's service pillars are 3D production, 3D data, metaverse production development, and enterprise software integration.


Peak Activity

Use innovative technologies to create breakthrough strategies and experiences

PeakActivity is a digital acceleration and technology services company that enables progress for businesses at every point of their digital journey through modernization, optimization, innovation, and engineering services.



ARCortex is a leader in Augmented Reality for Government and Enterprise

ARCortex brings 25 years of R&D experience in Augmented Reality for Defense and Entreprise clients. We use our internal studio to develop any bespoke development. We deliver ready to use applications that help business boost productivity and access data on demand.



SoftServe delivers AR innovation for the modern enterprise

The pursuit of excellence and the thrill of competition. It's why you're in business. It's why you play to win. And AR is changing the game. Our AR solutions enable all-new uses cases to ensure business continuity, improve availability and optimize efficiency—giving you a competitive edge.



TINALP: the next generation Mixed Reality platform for Training and Collaboration

TINALP creates a realistic immersive learning experience, enabling new ways of training through mobile cloud classroom and virtual presence.Teachers can retrieve real time information in order to shape training for each student's specific needs and capabilities.



Nomtek provides outcome-driven mindset paired with expert delivery

We are a team of XR enthusiasts skilled in discovery strategies and expert delivery. Our mission is to turn clients' ideas into sticky experiences that relate to the users' needs and stand out on the market.


XR Masters

Publish content without code on the metaverse

Publish no code content on custom layers on the real world metaverse. Platform works with multiple VPS providers including Google and is compliant with geopose standards of OGC/OARC.


Insight Global

We specialize in building teams and custom solutions to meet business objectives

We cut through complexity, create simple end-to-end solutions for big, complicated, often daunting projects. Our strength is building teams where people perform at the highest level. Our solutions range from custom engineering services to operational support services.



Making meaningful connections to help businesses run smarter

Insight Enterprises, Inc. is a Fortune 500 solutions integrator with more than 11,500 teammates worldwide helping organizations accelerate their digital journey to modernize their business and maximize the value of technology. We enable secure, end-to-end transformation and meet the needs of our clients through a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, far-reaching partnerships, and 33+ years of broad IT expertise.


Warpin Media

Bringing the Enterprise Metaverse to leading brands

We design immersive technology solutions that bring businesses to the forefront of digital innovation. We have end-to-end capabilities in-house and provide services all the way from strategy/concept to final delivery/distribution.



Slalom is a purpose-led, global business and technology consulting company. From strategy to implementation, our approach is fiercely human.

In six countries and 43 markets, we deeply understand our customers—and their customers—to deliver practical, end-to-end solutions that drive meaningful impact. Backed by close partnerships with over 400 leading technology providers, our 13,000+ strong team helps people and organizations dream bigger, move faster, and build better tomorrows for all. We're honored to be consistently recognized as a great place to work, including being one of Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For seven years running.


Draw & Code

Immersive experience, content and product design specialists

Draw & Code has completed over 150 XR projects for an impressive client roster, including delivering multiple high-profile Magic Leap experiences for global organizations. We routinely work on delivery of projects to collective audiences of millions on a global scale. Draw & Code's expert team are amongst the most prolific AR designers and developers in the world and even boast two XR-focused patents.



Unique XR shared experience for tourism

ART offers exhibition organizers the capability to create an immersive and engaging experience for their visitors, by showing 2D-3D interactive contents in real or virtual environments created with a no-code editor. It also enhances tour operators, museums, and artistic and cultural heritage sites through XR, offering interactive virtual guides.


Box Bear

3D humans for the digital world

A volumetric filming rig (VolCap) providing you with a hologram of your subject readyfor viewing in your Magic Leap Headset. Integration with Unreal Engine, Unity, JavaScript, 8th Wall, Blender and custom applications, either as pre-recordedcontent or even live! The VolCap rig is available for hire at our studio in Berkshire UK, or can beassembled at a suitable location near you..

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