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Announcing Magic Leap Developer Access Programs and Dates for LEAP Developer Days

At Magic Leap, we believe that developers are the foundation of Spatial Computing. If you’re building with Magic Leap, you should be empowered to create and grow a career or a business as part of this fast-growing ecosystem. That’s why 2020 is all about providing more access for developers across the globe: access to hardware, funding, enterprise customers, and support.

Today, we’re announcing the first of a series of formalized programs: Access Hardware, a program to get Magic Leap devices into the hands of developers, and LEAP Developer Days, a two-day, hands-on event dedicated to developers at Magic Leap HQ. Later this year, we’ll announce more details about how we’ll be providing access to funding with the next evolution of our grant program. We’ll also unveil programs to support enterprise-focused developers and agencies in connecting with customers and clients.

Access Hardware

Access Hardware is an initiative to put Magic Leap devices in the hands of developers who are serious about publishing applications with Magic Leap. Plus, you’ll get support from our developer relations team, and once your app is ready it will be prioritized for publishing.

Since launch, we’ve provided access to hardware for hundreds of projects like “Out There”, the first immersive musical in Spatial Computing that recently premiered at Comic Con Paris. It’s the success of those efforts that made us realize we need to democratize the process of getting hardware to more developers.

Maybe you’ve created successful mobile apps and want to branch out into XR. Maybe you’ve already published a mixed reality app on another platform and want to port your content over to Magic Leap. Either way, if you’ve got the potential to publish a Magic Leap app, we’re here to get you access to the hardware and support you need.

Apply Now.

*Additional terms and conditions apply

During the application process, we’ll look for things like technical experience, project feasibility, and the overall quality of your submission. Hint: we’re particularly interested in ideas that solve problems and create opportunities for enterprise markets and customers.

LEAP Developer Days: Save the Date

On May 19-20 and 21-22, we’ll host two groups of Magic Leap developers at our HQ in Florida to provide behind-the-scenes access to help accelerate their development and the growth of their businesses. During their time with us, they will meet face-to-face with members of our developer relations, studios, and go-to-market teams and have the chance to interact with the engineers and designers building the core Magic Leap hardware and platform.

We’ll dive into development best practices, reveal much of what our teams have learned as we’ve built our 1st party applications, share insights on the growing enterprise market opportunities for spatial apps, and offer sneak-peeks of upcoming developer-focused features and technology. Developers will have direct access to Magic Leap technical, creative, and business leads and hands-on workshops. We’ll open up LEAP Developer Days applications later this month. Keep an eye on your inbox and the socials for updates.

Access Enterprise Customers

As we’ve worked more closely to enable enterprise solutions, many businesses have signaled to us their interest in working with Magic Leap developers. Later this year, we’ll be rolling out programs for agencies who specialize in building custom applications for enterprise customers or brands, and for those developers creating their own software solutions to sell directly to business customers. The focus of these Access Enterprise programs will be to help developers sell their solutions to businesses or leverage their creative talents in building the next brand experience or custom application.

Access Funding and Support

Since we launched Magic Leap One Creator Edition in August 2018, we deployed $10M in funding to 33 developers worldwide. Companies like Obsess are bringing the retail merchandising process into the digital age. Spatial is delivering the next generation business collaboration tool. Anima Res created Insight Heart, a new way for medical professionals and students to study the organ that makes us all tick. Because of the success of that program, we’ll be evolving it this year to help financially support more developers in our ecosystem.

Finally, from our strategic developer outreach and partnerships, 1:1 technical support and development guidance, developer evangelism and community management, we’re constantly striving to provide the best possible developer relations. While our team is relatively small, we’ve had the opportunity to interact with and support thousands of developers across the globe. Access is the staple of our programs as a whole - it’s how we help empower developers with resources they need, no matter where they are in their development journey with Magic Leap, so they can build whatever they dream up. That support is getting stronger and more robust thanks to the ongoing dialog with our community. We’re thrilled to continue working with you, our developers, in 2020 to prove together that reality is just beginning.

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