The Magic Leap 2 AR device features patented optics technology designed and built in-house by Magic Leap.



Stay where the work is

Real work happens in the real world. Magic Leap 2 keeps users connected to the physical world while they work, blending digital content into their physical environment through transparent lenses. It delivers powerful AR apps without the obstruction, real world lag, or distortion of screen-based passthrough systems—ensuring safe and precise work.


Designed for extended use

Intended for all-day comfort across industries, Magic Leap 2 features lightweight, ergonomic design with multi-user functionality. Its computing and battery units are housed in the separate Compute Pack—shifting weight away from the user's head for enhanced comfort.


Power solutions at scale

Magic Leap 2 is built to run customized AR apps at scale, with one of the highest compute performance capabilities (CPU/GPU) of any standalone AR device on the market.

Ease of Use

Simple. Practical. Powerful.

Magic Leap 2 provides a straightforward, easy-to-grasp experience with multiple simultaneous controls that make interacting with AR content simple and intuitive.


Optimized for integration

Transforming and improving workflows across a range of industries, Magic Leap 2 blends work-focused features with a diverse app catalog on a secure, open platform for seamless integration and enhanced efficiency in a variety of settings.


Dedicated to developers

Magic Leap 2 provides a developer-friendly AR platform with robust tools and community support for creating and deploying AR apps seamlessly across channels on an unrestrictive ecosystem.

Product and feature lineup*

Magic Leap 2

Developer Pro Edition

Enterprise Edition

Commercial deployment rights

Limited Warranty

1 year

1 year

1 year**

Magic Leap 2 Device
(Headset, Compute Pack, 6DoF Controller)

OS Version




* Features, functionality, and dates are subject to change at any time without notice. Some features and functionality may not be available in all regions or languages or may be otherwise restricted. Additional terms, server-side components and/or charges may apply. For legal, regulatory, and warranty information, including second year warranty options, please visit
** In select countries. Please contact your authorized reseller.

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1 Compared to commercially available true AR devices2 Battery life is dependent on various factors such as device settings and usage. Actual results may vary.3 Applies solely to the Magic Leap 2 MedTech Edition which has received certification as an IEC 60601 certified component.4 All trademarks, logos and brand names are the property of their respective owners. Use of these names, trademarks and brands does not imply or constitute endorsement or sponsorship.