Magic Leap Authorized Trademarks

Date of last revision: Thursday, July 19, 2018

Magic Leap Authorized Trademarks are available for download below. Each asset is available in .png format. Simply right click on the asset preview and select "Save Image As..."

The collection is also available for download here.

Your use of the Authorized Trademarks is subject to the Creator Trademark Guidelines.

Magic Leap Logos:

Asset NameAsset Preview and Download
Logo_Lockup_PrimaryLogo Lockup Primary
Logo_Lockup_BlackLogo Lockup Black
Logo_Lockup_WhiteLogo Lockup White

Magic Leap Developer Logos:

Asset NameAsset Preview and Download
Developer Logo_BLACKDeveloper Logo BLACK
Developer Logo_COLORDeveloper Logo COLOR
Developer Logo_WHITEDeveloper Logo WHITE

Magic Leap Lumin Logos:

Asset NameAsset Preview and Download
Lumin_Logo_ColorLumin Logo Color
Lumin_Logo_BlackLumin Logo Black
Lumin_Logo_WhiteLumin Logo White

Lomino UI Fonts

The Lomino UI font files can be dowloaded in TrueType-based OpenType format. They can be used for creating applications developed in Unity, Unreal, and LuminOS for the Magic Leap platform.

Suggested Generic Terms:

TrademarkSuggested Generic Term
LIGHTPACKprocesser, CPU/GPU, or battery pack
LUMINoperating system, engine, or software development kit

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