Build connections

Share experiences, follow your friends and join other creators to explore this new frontier together. Build, personalize and accessorize your own custom avatars with a suite of creation tools. Soon, you’ll be able to hangout with people from around the world in the comfort of your home.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition


Make magic together

Spatial computing is meant to be shared. Soon, Cast will let people in the same room see what you see, when and where you see it. Plus, since with Avatar Chat you’ll basically be in the same room, they’ll be able to see the same content and applications, too.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

Avatar Chat

Express yourself like never before

Avatar Chat will take full advantage of Magic Leap One’s perception features such as 6DoF, headpose, eye tracking and hand tracking to create a feeling of real presence. So wink, wave or throw a high five because you’re going to meet some super expressive avatars.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition


Platform features will gradually roll out to enable multi-user experiences that leverage a user’s friends and followers.


Develop experiences with friends in mind: Casting and Avatar Chat enable shared workspaces and shared experiences in spatial computing.


Design artistic and imaginative versions of yourself: Magic Leap One’s perception suite brings highly expressive avatars to life.

Lumin Runtime is Magic Leap’s application framework, specifically built to work with Lumin OS and take full advantage of Magic Leap One’s complete sensor suite. It allows for multiple spatial computing experiences to run at the same time. So when you’re watching your favorite fantasy TV show, don’t be surprised to see a fire-breathing dragon fly out of the screen, swoop overhead and land on your couch — because even dragons like to be comfortable.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

Take the leap

A whole new world of social interactions is opening up. So if you’re a developer, creator, collaborator or maker, find new ways to bring people together with Magic Leap One Creator Edition.


Starting at $96/month at 0% APR.

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