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Collaborate across cities. Supercharge your training. See designs come to life. Discover how spatial computing can reinvent the way you do business.

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Spatial computing for every industry

From bringing architectural drawings to life, to enhancing your training programs. Spatial computing can revolutionize the work you do, in whatever you do.


Magic Leap One can revolutionize the manufacturing process by letting designers create and collaborate in real time, boosting productivity in the automotive industry and beyond.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Close the gap between designing and building. Magic Leap One brings CADs and BIMs to life so you can share sketches in a 3D environment, tweak designs collaboratively, and even give a virtual tour of a building before it’s been built.


Transform the physical stores of today into the immersive customer experiences of tomorrow. Allow associates in different cities to track and manage inventory and run remote training. With Magic Leap One, the potential of spatial computing for retail is boundless.


Enter a new era of education. With Magic Leap One you can turn your chemistry classroom into an immersive learning experience. Integrate labs and libraries into spatial learning and provide new ways to collaborate and interact.

Health & Fitness

Magic Leap One lets you explore the future of digital healthcare. Discover new training opportunities for the next generation of professionals and help redefine wellness. Through our partnership with Brainlab, we're helping augment how surgeons analyze complex information and 3D images today.

Media & Entertainment

Immersive news coverage and location-based entertainment are changing the industry as we know it. Magic Leap One creates a new way for visionary storytellers to connect with their audiences and develop content in new and exciting ways.

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