AR for manufacturing

AR solutions in manufacturing leverage Magic Leap optics technology to reduce operating costs and waste, while improving productivity and time-to-market.


Retiring workforce, skilled labor gaps, advanced tech adoption, global competition, shifting demands, rising costs, fast innovation cycles.

Manufacturing case study: Magic Leap x Taqtile Manifest x PBC Linear*

Before integrating Magic Leap 2 into their organization PCB Linear spent 3 weeks training new machinists—using Magic Leap 2 now only takes them 3 days. Using Magic Leap 2 for day-to-day production on the factory floor made workers more efficient and precise, leading to a reduction in rework that saves them nearly $100K/year.

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80%Training time reduction

20%Annual savings from reduced scrap and errors

$7200Saved per machinist onboarding


How Magic Leap streamlines manufacturing


Why Magic Leap

  • Stay where the work happens

    Magic Leap 2 is a true AR device that integrates powerful apps directly within users’ views of their physical environment—without a screen getting in the way. Features like Dynamic Dimming™ technology, an expansive FOV, and more enable content to remain stable, viewable, and vibrant at scale even under bright industrial lighting.


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* Results based on PBC Linear Case Study (2020) using Taqtile Manifest® and Magic Leap 1. Taqtile Manifest is now available on Magic Leap 2.1 OpenXR and the OpenXR logo are trademarks of the Khronos Group Inc.