AR for healthcare

The most innovative AR healthcare solutions rely on Magic Leap optics technology for surgical planning, digital therapeutics, medical equipment maintenance, and more.


Access to care, technology integration, new types of care and reimbursable Digital Therapeutics (DTx).

Healthcare case study: Magic Leap x SentiAR*

Using Magic Leap 2, the SentiAR CommandEP™ integrates existing 3D cardiac mapping systems to create a real time 3D holographic interface that provides surgeons with an interactive, 360° view of the patient's specific anatomy to allow them to deliver cardiac ablation therapy with more precision.

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10xReduction in commands per target point on average

≤50%Improved ablation localization accuracy


How Magic Leap enhances and enables healthcare


Why Magic Leap

  • IEC and UL compliance

    Magic Leap 2 complies with key safety and performance standards for healthcare use. It satisfies IEC 60601 requirements for operational safety, reducing risks in medical environments. Its optical quality and performance are certified by IEC 63145, ensuring reliability. UL 8400 addresses essential safety aspects like weight, neck strain, and optical radiation, crucial for safe and effective integration and end use.


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* According to SentiAR study. Actual results may vary.