2019 D.I.C.E. Award Winner for Immersive Reality Technical Achievement

Tonandi ImageTonandi Image

Music is in our bones

Together with Sigur Rós we set out to discover and manifest the DNA of their sound in a new reality. The result of that collaboration is Tónandi, which translates to sound spirit in Icelandic, an interactive audio-visual exploration of the sounds and spirit of Sigur Rós.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition
Tonandi ImageTonandi Image

Spatial Design

Unique to your environment

A sensory ecosystem grows and surrounds you. Each Tónandi is a creature with unique sound and personality, inhabiting your environment and inviting interaction.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition
Tonandi Image


Designed for touch

The ability to interact with the environment naturally was a point of inspiration for the experience. Hands and body are all that’s needed to connect with the sound and creatures around you.

The Tónandi experience is more like hiking or scuba-diving in your house while also being surrounded by supernatural beings. It’s appealingly disorienting. By the end, orchestration is sizzling — I can almost feel it—through my fingertips. When it’s over, I ask if I can go again.

Marc Hogan - Pitchfork

Photography: Ieva Aust

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

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