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Trailblazers, storytellers and dream chasers — new worlds are yours for the making. Become a Magic Leap creator and start pioneering the uncharted frontier of spatial computing.

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Our spatial computer is packed with cutting-edge technologies that open up a whole new world of possibilities. Tools, apps, software, advanced programming — all at your fingertips. So take full creative control with more contextual power than ever before and drive the next technological leap forward.



game systems

  • 2DoF
  • Buttons



  • 2DoF
  • 3DoF IMU
  • Virtual Buttons
  • Multitouch
Magic Leap One Lightwear
Magic Leap One - Creator Edition
  • Headpose
  • 3DoF
  • 6DoF
  • Gestures
  • Controllers
  • Speech
  • Meshing Environment
  • Body / World Centric UI
Four people in an modern office, one man using Magic Leap One

Magic Kit inspiration

Magic Kit is a powerful toolkit that can help you fast track your training in spatial computing. It will give you tools and documentation to guide you through high quality mixed reality interactions. So once you receive your Magic Leap One, you’ll have an ever-growing suite of tools that will help you kickstart your journey into the Magicverse.

  • Lessons and Tutorials

  • Reusable Production Code

  • Interaction Best Principles

  • Art Assets

airplane with blue propeller

It’s only just begun


Learning Resources

Jump in and begin exploring our tutorials, sample assets, API reference documentation, blog posts and more.


Magic Leap Community

Join to gain access to our knowledge base, technical guidance and inspiration from our community. Check back often for new content, including a live stream series.


Creator Tools

Use the Magic Leap Simulator to kick-start your journey into spatial computing and begin experimenting with new applications for Magic Leap One.


LuminSDK logo

Compatible with best-in-class engines and available C APIs. Get started with our Simulator and tools for faster iteration like Magic Leap Remote.

Download Lumin SDK
3D opaque illustration of pastel purple, blue and pink cubes
Pink and purple neon gradients with a spherical ribbon device

We're also paving the way for web developers with Prismatic, our declarative library for 3D web experiences. It allows creators to quickly design and develop spatial websites while working with familiar favorites like CSS and javascript.

Experience Helio

Magic Leap World

We’ve set the stage. Now it’s over to you.

Share your newly created experiences with the world in a store designed just for you.

Featured Early Access Partners

We’re only just beginning to explore the creative possibilities of our new spatial computing platform. And here’s what some of the pioneers in our Early Access Program are saying:

New discoveries

Check out all the latest learnings on design, build and launches from Magic Leap and our creators.

All the Details From L.E.A.P.

October 10, 2018

The growing Magic Leap community of creators, developers, partners and pioneers convened in L.A. for our inaugural L.E.A.P. conference celebrating spatial computing.

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Take the leap

Calling all those who code, craft, compose and create. If you’re a maker, get started with Magic Leap One Creator Edition.


Starting at $96/month at 0% APR.

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Magic Leap One Creator Edition on a surface with 3D illustrations of a helicopter, plane and a buggy

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