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We asked some friends in our Early Access Program to help us explore the possibilities of our platform. Here’s what they said:

There's a growing need for the virtual world to break free from the confines of a screen and venture into the real world. Magic Leap is opening the door to the next step in that journey, allowing us to completely merge the virtual and physical worlds together. It's been very exciting to create stories in the medium of the future and cultivate entirely new ways for the audience to experience them.

Tim Webber

Chief Creative Officer


We now have the opportunity to meld worlds in ways we've only dreamed about, bringing immense universes and fantastic characters into our everyday lives. This new form of interactive storytelling will change the world as we know it today.

Michael Koperwas

Mixed Reality Supervisor


The membrane between science fiction and reality has never been thinner, and we are now able to see, create and interact with things previously invisible. A new realm of vision, a whole new way to play and compute, Magic Leap is going to bring the very world around us to extraordinary life.

Boo Wong

Global Director of Emerging Technology

The Mill

We’ve been exploring the frontiers of spatial computing and creating a new visual language for the future of mixed reality. Our team is fascinated by how we can now craft memorable experiences that embrace the world around us. We’re hugely excited to share what we’ve been dreaming up together.

Tim Dillon

Head of VR & Immersive Content


Magic Leap is a unique platform with tremendous potential. For the NBA, it opens up an array of possibilities for how we deliver our game to fans.

Jeff Marsilio

Senior Vice President, New Media Distribution


What we are doing with this tech hasn't been done before. Everything presents a new challenge, and that's the exciting part; this is a new frontier. When you see your idea come to life and inhabit the real-world, it's breathtaking. Magic Leap One really does open a magic portal through which you can see the future.

Greg Broadmore

Game Director

Weta Workshop & Magic Leap

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Learnings from the lab on designing, building and launching experiences from Magic Leap and our friends.

The Developer Journey Starts Now

March 19, 2018

We are excited to invite creators, artists, innovators and developers to come with us — early on in this journey — into the next phase of computing.

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