Magic Leap Celebrates International Women's Day

Magic Leap is sharing the stories of women who make up the digital fabric of spatial computing. We’ll continue to feature more stories of female Leapers throughout Women’s History Month 2019.

Recognizing women across Magic Leap

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a time of celebration—to recognize women around the world who are disrupting industries, economies, politics, and cultures. We’re kicking off this IWD with profiles of women across Magic Leap.

We’ll continue to feature more stories of female Leapers throughout Women’s History Month 2019, so come back to this blog to hear from the women who are fast at work building the future. Plus, follow #MLIWD on social media to see how we’re celebrating.


Alice Wroe

Creative for Mica (Margate, England)

Alice works as part of Magic Leap’s Digital-DNA team, working on the development of the digital human Mica. She has written and co-directed experiences for L.E.A.P. Conference, Sundance, and GDC that explore Mica’s place in the world and establish her as an active, empowered and engaging presence. Her experience in spatial computing picked up when she was invited to come in and meet Mica and began talking to CEO Rony Abovitz about her work in the past with Herstory. She knew she wanted to be a part of the company.

Her advice for women in this space: “Research women who have gone before you in whatever field you want to exist in. Let their stories sink into your life, and carry them around with you as approach your goals. Enable them to give you courage and confidence. Our past is full of women who have worked, achieved and carved space for us in so many fields and yet their stories have been sidelined - unearth them and use them to give you power."


Mina Rohani

Lead Mechanical Engineer (Seattle, WA)

Mina is a part of the advanced technology group that works on prototyping for the next generation of Magic Leap’s spatial computing platform. She hopes that one day AR/VR wearables become so practical that we use them on a daily basis—as much as we use our phones and laptops.

Her advice for women in this space: “Do not be affected by circumstances or you will always find something that discourages you. Being a minority, we are way more exposed to finding our weaknesses, but we can look at it as a privilege and learn to use it to our strength.“


Maayan Cohen

Senior Interaction Designer (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Maayan is the lead designer of experiences and product incubations at Magic Leap Israel. She works with the headset on a daily basis, conceptualizing ideas and testing prototypes as well as designing user flows and core applications. She entered the world of wearable technology while working toward her master’s degree in Canada. As part of her thesis, she worked with a 5-year-old girl who has a severe Cerebral Palsy and designed a series of games that allowed her to move physical objects using her eyes alone.

Her advice for women in this space: “Never stop exploring! One of the best things about designing for spatial computing is the possibility to create new things, learn and explore every day. It is a new platform and the possibilities for creations and experiences are endless, so just go ahead and make what you're passionate about!”


Lauren McLane

Facilities Manager (Plantation, FL)

Lauren works on installations and builds that support Magic Leap’s HQ and future concepts to promote our product. The movie Minority Report was her first exposure to the idea of spatial computing. When she thinks of spatial computing in the future, she thinks about all of the incredible opportunities it will provide her children for their education, career, health and overall happiness.

Her advice for women in this space: “Regardless of what profession you’re in, you will be successful if you’re confident, knowledgeable, and prepared.”


Maria Montenegro

Senior Interaction Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

Maria creates innovative solutions for mixed reality with the use of AI and computer vision. She was introduced to the world of spatial computing by interactive installations (projection mapping, etc.). She ultimately fell in love with the concept of changing the world around us to bring magic. She found Magic Leap through her previous colleagues who saw her presentation at a conference and were inspired to bring her on.

Her advice for women in this space is: “Just be fearless and follow passion. There is no right way of making MR because it’s so new—so it’s all about trusting yourself.”

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