Moon has another story to tell you

This is the story of Fox, who used to play joyfully in his garden but now rests sad and lonely under his boat. Owl and Bird decide to help Fox cheer up again by rebuilding the garden, working with Moon to bring it back to life.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

Plant and interact with a musical landscape

Plant seeds to bring forth flowers, windmills and other features of Fox’s garden. Sprinkle moondust on the plants and flowers to help them grow and transform. Build a beautiful place so that Fox will cheer up, come out and play.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

A story powered by spatial computing

A ground-breaking title that takes advantage of the unique features of Magic Leap One, allowing you to turn any room into a magical and meditative space. Told with beautiful graphics and wonderful audio, an experience that you’ll always remember.

Grow Fox’s garden

Place plants and other structures anywhere in your room to create a magical garden for Fox.

Follow the story

See as the story plays out in wonderful animations and beautiful cutscenes.

Beautiful music in your space

Sound effects and ethereal music take you through this journey. Listen for enchanting notes with every interaction.

Independent game studio Funomena, known for developing uniquely accessible and engaging games for emerging platforms, brings you Luna: Moondust Garden for Magic Leap One Creator Edition. Luna: Moondust Garden crafts a unique, intimate experience by leveraging Magic Leap’s scene reconstruction (room scanning) and spatialized audio which allows you to see the story coming to life in your environment.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

Take the leap

Come join us in new magic spaces. If you're a developer, creator or explorer, come lay the seeds of the Magicverse with us!


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