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A wearable spatial computer

Our engineers found a simple solution to the problem of weight vs. performance. By placing the processing power on your hip instead of your head, Magic Leap 1 delivers the performance of a laptop computer in a device that’s light enough to wear every day.


Magic Leap 1 Lightwear

Lightwear by name. Lightweight by nature.

Lightwear uses nine different sensors to understand whatever space it's in. And at just 316g, it's as light as a pair of headphones.

It sees what you see

Magic Leap 1 meshing the office.

Lightwear understands your space

Lightwear can read a room in moments. It understands corners, edges and surfaces, so the apps you use can interact with your surroundings.

A robot surrounded by developers creating.

Enjoy the view

Gaming quality graphics bring high fidelity characters, objects, and data into the room with you.

An engineer and robot.

In depth and in focus

Lightwear places digital content in the physical world with stunning clarity. It tracks where you’re looking so Magic Leap 1 can render objects at the appropriate distance, creating a crisp display that’s comfortable on the eye.

Illustration showing the volume of view for Magic Leap 1.

See from 14.6 inches to infinity

Our unrivalled volume of view lets you see comfortably from 14.6 inches in front of your face, to the opposite end of a football field. And beyond.


50 degree

field of view

high res

1.3M pixels

per eye



refresh rate



colors supported

magic leap one lightwear with spatial audio

Spatial Audio

Now hear this

Listen to real and virtual sounds at the same time. Spatial audio can realistically attach sounds to a virtual object, so if an evil robot runs up behind you – you’ll hear it before you see it.

Lightweight champion

Beats Studio³ Wireless Headphones
Magic Leap 1 Lightwear
Microsoft Hololens 2

Wear glasses?

prescription insertmagic leap one lightwearmagic leap one lightwear

Here’s to the shortsighted visionaries. Prescription Inserts are available for Magic Leap 1 in the following ranges:


-7.5 to +3.0


-4 to 0

Total power (SPH + CYL)

-7.5 to +3.0

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Magic Leap 1 Control

The power of a laptop. The size of your pocket.

Lightpack delivers incredible performance in a small, power-efficient processor with enough storage and memory to run all your favorite apps, effortlessly.


runs like a laptop


stores more than a typical smartphone

up to

3.5 hours

continuous use and 7 days in sleep mode

magic leap one lightpack

Powerful to the core

With three core processors handling system-related tasks and another three open for apps, there's plenty of power to go around.

6-Core CPU design

NVIDIA 256 Cuda Graphics

Up to 1.7GHz processing speeds

64-bit architecture


Magic Leap 1 Control

Freedom to move

Control is like your digital hand. It has six degrees of freedom (6DoF) so you can place apps, navigate menus, and interact, all with pinpoint precision.

control 1

The trackpad is pressure-sensitive and responds to even the slightest touch.

control 2

Haptic feedback relays contact back to your hand. So if you get hit by a robot invader, you'll not only see it. You'll feel it.

control 3

Up to 6 hours of battery life on a single charge.

Lumin OS

The world is your desktop

Lumin OS is a spatial operating system. It can recognize and understand different environments, power high fidelity visuals, and ensure content persists wherever you put it.

Apps in the living room

Launch apps anywhere

Magic Leap 1 scans and understands the world around you. So you can launch an app, place it anywhere in your physical space, and then watch it come to life.

Content stays where you put them in space.

Content stays where you put it

When Magic Leap 1 is in a space it’s seen before, it can remember where you last put things. So the next time you visit, you can pick up where you left off.

Head and Eye tracking with Magic Leap 1.

Head and eye tracking

Sensors on Lightwear recognize and respond to your head position and eye movement, so you can make eye contact with your content, and interact with a look, nod or turn.

Magic Leap 1 tracking your hand.

Hand tracking

Accurate hand tracking means even if you’re not using Control, you can still point, shake, fist bump, and even work on your tennis serve.

What's in the box


Lightwear, Lightpack and Control. Lightpack Charger, Control Charger, AC Power Cable, 2 USB-C Cables, Wrist Lanyard, Cleaning Cloth, and Fit Kit with Nose and Forehead pads.

Carry Case


Carry Case

Sleek. Practical. Organized. The Carry Case has inner padding to securely hold your Magic Leap 1 in place, with room for accessories.

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1-year access to RapidReplace, so if there’s a problem you’ll get a super fast replacement device.


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