Magic Leap Named to Time's List of Best Inventions of 2022

Last week TIME revealed its annual list of the Best Inventions, which features 200 extraordinary innovations changing our lives including Magic Leap 2.

Magic Leap 2

Magic Leap 2 Now Available to Customers as the Most Immersive Augmented Reality Headset for Enterprise

Magic Leap today announced that its next generation enterprise augmented reality platform, Magic Leap 2, is now commercially available.

It’s Time to Prove the True Potential of Augmented Reality

Magic Leap CEO Peggy Johnson shares an update on why she's excited about the role Magic Leap is positioned to play in enabling people and businesses to begin realizing the true value of AR. 

Magic Leap CEO Peggy Johnson

Magic Leap 2 and NVIDIA Partner with Lowe’s to Unveil Industry-First Digital Twin

Lowe’s announced an innovative partnership with Magic Leap and NVIDIA - a first-of-its-kind use case in the home improvement industry -- an interactive store digital twin in which store associates can visualize and interact with almost all of a store’s digital data -- in the physical store environment.

The most immersive enterprise AR device

Built for work.
Designed for comfort.
Created without constraints.

person wearing headset


Enterprises retain control of their data. Store data anywhere and use any preferred cloud setup.

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Choice, ease of use, and support on an open platform (Android™ AOSP-based). Develop a wide range of enterprise solutions.

magic leap 2 headset


Collaborate in real time across time zones using digital twin, "see what I see", and other features.

Develop and deploy the most advanced augmented reality solutions with more control.

Innovating manufacturing scenarios

Multiple input options, an expansive FOV, stunning resolution, Dynamic Dimming™ technology, and industry-leading spatial audio. Magic Leap 2 features bring the most advanced enterprise AR solutions to your manufacturing operations.

From training and upskilling to machine repair and quality assurance, Magic Leap 2 can benefit nearly every facet of manufacturing. Collaborate over expansive floorspaces or across the world, scrutinize details down to the nuts and bolts.

Magic Leap 2 in manufacturing scenarios

Dynamic Dimming™ technology

Use augmented reality solutions in bright industrial lighting with Magic Leap Dynamic Dimming™ technology. Its Segmented Dimming™ feature can be used to focus attention.


Design, simulate, and validate manufacturing automation equipment in-situ while your physical manufacturing line remains in operation. Leverage converged data integrated with operations to layer data within your field of view, or use Segmented Dimming™ to key in on specific interactions or mechanical components within sprawling environments.

Training and upskilling

Use remote assistance, "see what I see," and digital twin to keep your workforce current and competitive. Immersive AR training solutions reduce time to proficiency and democratize expertise for even the most infrequent—yet critical—tasks.

Complex assembly and guidance

Computer vision and AR can simplify complex tasks like assembly, repair, and maintenance with in-place, contextually-triggered step-by-step instructions.

Remote support and collaboration

Enable expert collaboration between coworkers—remote or in-person—with immersive features like industry-leading spatial audio and "see what I see."

Data visualization

Recontextualize complex data into immersive, interactive visuals to guide decision-making.

Situational awareness

Enhance your digital twin with real-time material, employee, and equipment information to track movements and interactions.

Safety and compliance

Ensure safety compliance and check construction plans by overlaying augmented reality models onto floor spaces.

"Manifest on the Magic Leap device is essential for PBC Linear's future and the future of US manufacturing as a whole."

Tim LeCrone
Director of Manufacturing Engineering, PBC Linear

Improve clinical scenarios

IEC 60601 certified.
Suitable for both OR and non-OR clinical use.

Magic Leap 2 supports customized third-party health solutions, assisting medical professionals in tasks from patient assessment to post-surgical recovery.

The IEC 60601 certified Magic Leap 2 is designed for use both in and out of operating rooms with Dynamic Dimming™ technology, a precise controller, and other industry-leading features.

Our collaboration with healthcare software developers brings the expertise of leading engineers to deliver world-class, customized solutions to our industry-leading hardware.

Magic Leap 2 Med Tech in clinical scenarios

Precise, accurate control

The Magic Leap 2 Controller offers world tracking and 6 degrees of freedom—giving you accuracy and precision that purely gesture-controlled augmented reality headsets lack.

Dynamic Dimming™ technology

Dynamic Dimming™ technology lets you use the IEC 60601 certified Magic Leap 2 in brightly lit operating rooms by dimming the display to make digital content clear, legible, and vibrant.

Remote assist

Connect experts with medical professionals in remote areas. Use collaborative viewing and “see what I see” technology to assist in challenging, complex procedures.

Anatomic overlay

Navigate instrument position accurately and precisely to properly visualize points of interest deep in internal anatomy by superimposing digital content over a patient.

Presurgical planning

Plan surgeries and other procedures in detail before a single incision is made by rendering diagnostic data as a 3D model and collaborating virtually with specialists.


Bring CT scans and MRIs into three dimensions for a scalable, interactive, multi-user view. Use Magic Leap 2 to place important information like patient medical records, scans, and x-rays in or just outside your field of view—keeping it available at a glance for quick, hands-free reference.

Education and training

Instruct fellows, residents, and medical students in anatomy, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and more. Create sample cases and scenarios that are as straightforward or novel as needed.

Patient engagement

Improve patient experience and informed consent. Guide patients through their diagnosis and treatment, using 3D scans and renderings to help deepen their understanding of their case.

Post-surgical recovery

Provide ongoing consultations by connecting instantly with patients virtually, viewing collected data from remote monitoring, and even assessing the progress of physical rehabilitation from a first-person patient perspective.


Physicians can use Magic Leap 2 to help guide assessment with eye-tracking analytics and other data relating to disorders and injuries such as concussions.

"I now plan every aneurysm case with Mixed Reality Viewer from Brainlab"

Prof. Dr. Veit Braun
M.D., Head of Neurosurgery, Diakonie Klinikum

Improve defense and public sector scenarios

Dynamic Dimming™ technology, an expansive field of view, industry-leading optics, and spatial audio make Magic Leap 2 ideal for defense and public sector applications.

Simulate and train custom emergency response scenarios, plan and visualize deployment of assets, map geo-specific data in real time, and collaborate with enhanced situational awareness.

Magic Leap 2 in defense and public sector scenarios

Dynamic Dimming™ technology

Bring AR solutions into bright, naturally lit conditions with Magic Leap Dynamic Dimming™ technology.

Command and control

Create shared situational awareness and guide decision-making by bringing command and control centers into three dimensions for both in-person and remote personnel with an expansive FOV.


Make your environment a safe, accurate, and realistic training ground with industry-leading optics and immersive spatial audio.

Digital twin and visualization

Upgrade your planning, efficiency, and training with digital twinning combined with data applications to visualize terrain and live, geo-specific data integrated within your field of view.


Customize and adapt solutions for particular scenarios and use cases by leveraging the flexibility of the Magic Leap 2 open platform.

Remote support and collaboration

Provide expert support to public sector personnel in the field by connecting with them in real-time, using “see what I see,” overlaying technical drawings, and giving step-by-step maintenance instructions.

Enterprise-ready solutions for Magic Leap 2




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