Magic Leap

Magic Leap combines industry-leading optics, scalable production, and AI capabilities for immersive AR experiences.

By integrating AI-enhanced data precisely where, how, and when it matters most, Magic Leap technology goes beyond accessibility. It transforms information into a crucial tool, enhancing productivity and fundamentally improving experiences.

A commitment to pushing the boundaries of AR has led to an extensive IP portfolio, comprising thousands of patents worldwide. These patents cover critical components of AR technology, including projectors, eyepieces, waveguides, manufacturing processes, and machinery. From its North American headquarters, Magic Leap has expanded globally, with offices in Europe, the UK, Asia, and the Middle East.

Leading innovation in transparent optics and scalable manufacturing for high-fidelity AR experiences.

Magic Leap is at the forefront of transparent and ultra-lightweight optics, as well as scalable optics manufacturing for high-fidelity AR experiences. Since its founding fourteen years ago, Magic Leap has driven industry standards in text legibility, color fidelity, immersive visuals, and field of view.

Magic Leap's flagship product, Magic Leap 2, features patented optics, a lightweight ergonomic design, and one of the highest compute performance capabilities of any standalone AR device on the market.

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Magic Leap