Helping AEC plan, build, and maintain more efficiently

Every architecture, engineering, and construction business can benefit from the real world solutions that true augmented reality provides. From safer workplaces and optimized design processes, to increased customer satisfaction and beyond. Your AEC organization can save time and money by bringing Magic Leap 2 on board.

AR is helping AEC create modern communities.

Design Visualization and Collaboration

Allow stakeholders to visualize and interact with designs in the real world. Improve communication, collaboration, and decision-making by keeping everyone on the same page.

Construction Planning and Coordination

Aid construction planners by overlaying 3D models onto physical spaces—facilitating clash detection, improving coordination, and reducing the need for rework.

On-Site Construction Guidance

Provide on-site workers with real-time instructions, visual markers, and safety information, improving accuracy, efficiency, and worker productivity.

Facility Management and Maintenance

Assist facility managers in asset management, maintenance planning, and real-time data visualization, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing downtime.

Client Engagement and Presentation

Allows clients to experience designs in immersive ways, improving client engagement, enhancing design approvals, and reducing miscommunication.

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Here's how Magic Leap 2 can impact your business.

Increase Productivity

Overlay text, images, videos, 3D models, and more onto the real world, giving workers unprecedented access to product documentation. Increase the overall productivity and knowledge of every worker.

Facilitate Collaboration

Empower your employees to connect with each other, and your customers, from anywhere, anytime. Boost problem-solving efficiency, increase innovation, and improve engagement and retention.

Reduce Risk

Promote a safer workplace by allowing hands-on interaction with virtual content before workers move on to the real thing. Increase regulatory compliance and minimize costly errors.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Make impactful decisions faster using strategic data and state-of-art technology, driving market differentiation, increased market share, and higher customer retention and loyalty.

Improve the Employee Experience

Streamline training and onboarding, and upskill employees faster and more effectively. Engage your team with immersive experiences that improve comprehension and increase employee satisfaction and retention.

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