What's Love Got To Do With It?

| Rony Abovitz

What does love have to do with a technology company? Everything. At least for us here at Magic Leap. Our whole company is based on it. It starts with a love for people in general – wanting to bring joy and a sense of magic and wonder to everyone. We try hard to find and hire individuals who bring a love of their work and craft, a deep sense of passion and drive and creative energy to every aspect of what we are developing. Love never ends – it is that deep, human part of us that allows us to connect, to experience transcendent spiritual wonder. Technology will never replace human relationships and bonds, and it will never replace the amazing world around us. But it can enable us to open up those parts of us we first felt as kids. Complete joy and wonder and love of others and the creatures and plants and people all around us.

When someone creates something with a sense of love and passion – you feel it, and you taste it. It can be a chocolate chip cookie, a drawing, a concert, or a film. That feeling transmits to us somehow through the medium.

In the new medium we are creating, we hope that the love we are pouring into it all now, and the intensity and passion that will come from everyone who creates something cool and amazing with it – will come through all bright and shiny and awesome.

Happy Valentines Day :-)


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