Avrio Solution One-Pagers


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The Avrio De-escalation solution uses patent-pending artificial intelligence that powers realistic, nuanced training encounters with digital characters. The De- Escalation solution can create muscle memory during active shooter scenarios and calls for service, honing officers’ skills for unpredictable, real-world challenges.
Stratscape Tabletop Excercise

Avrio’s Stratscape Tabletop Exercise (TTX) solution provides emergency response personnel realistic, dynamic, customizable command and control training.

Leveraging Magic Leap 2 headsets, participants engage in immersive 3D scenarios to visualize targeted hazards and drill with ease. Decisions about resource

deployment play out in real time, enabling

Active Shooter

The Avrio Active Shooter Solution takes training out of practice facilities and into the real-world environments in which officers may encounter scenarios using customizable, immersive, and responsive drills. The Active Shooter solution grants agencies safety and the flexibility of cost and time to allow trainees to drill high risk, low-occurrence training.