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Let the Accessories Commence: Sennheiser Joins the Mission

Sennheiser kicks off our 'Works With Magic Leap' range of accessories that make the Magic Leap One experience even better.

Spatial computing is the next big step forward in personal computing. It’ll change the way we interact with platforms, view content and experience the world around us. It’s a journey we’re all going to be part of, so it’s great to see some leading manufacturers like Sennheiser are already hard at work designing a whole host of accessories and extras that will make the Magic Leap One experience even better. We’re so excited about what these companies are doing, we’ve decided to give our official accessories program a name.

Works with Magic Leap

Every product that sits under the ‘Works with Magic Leap’ program will be tried, tested and approved for quality, function and of course, overall magic.

Over the next few years we’ll be nurturing our ecosystem, helping product designers and technologists get to grips with Magic Leap One.

As a wise person once said - no human is an island. Some people name islands after themselves, but we’re not really about that. What we want to do is walk around the island together, with mixed reality headsets and incredibly well designed accessories that make our experience of that island even more fun, inspiring and magical.

Welcome to the (co-designed) Magicverse.

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