Bringing NBA Games to Fans Like Never Before

Today, we are proud to announce our first sports partnership with the NBA and Turner.

Jeff Ruediger, Managing Director, Magic Leap Screens

At Magic Leap, we are introducing a new kind of human-computer interactivity, starting with a lightweight wearable computer that enriches real-world experiences with digital content. We make this possible with spatial computing, seamlessly blending the digital and physical worlds to deliver new forms of engagement for consumers.

As part of this mission, we’ve set out to work with the best sports partners in the world to help us move entertainment viewing from a “flat,” two-dimensional experience into a vivid, three-dimensional experience.

Today, we are proud to announce our first sports partnership with the NBA and Turner, ushering in the next generation of sports viewing and interactivity through the power of Magic Leap One and a newly created NBA App that will be available through the platform.

This partnership will allow us to bring fans a completely new, intimate experience that has never been seen in sports. Using Magic Leap’s Screens platform, fans will be able to summon multiple, virtual screens into their field of view. When paired with Magic Leap’s Digital Lightfield technology and spatial computing, these screens can be shown at any size, and in any location combined with supplemental graphics that allow fans to enjoy their favorite stats, replays and commentary — all without missing the game action.

How can I experience the NBA on Magic Leap One?

With Magic Leap, fans will be able to watch NBA games with groundbreaking features that overlay data into their sport-viewing experience, with screens placed all around their environment. We’ve even used volumetric capture to bring a life-size Shaquille O’Neal presence right into your living room. At launch we will have a curated list of archived NBA games featuring the most exhilarating matchups from recent seasons, as well as a selection of highlight clips of your favorite teams and players. We are working towards bringing the live NBA game experience to Magic Leap One.

Where do we go now?

The NBA, Turner and Magic Leap have begun collaborating on bringing next-generation technologies to sports viewing, and we are just getting started. Through the Magic Leap Screens platform, we will bring even more features and intimate experiences to fans. The NBA App is in development for Magic Leap One, with the NBA and Turner working as key content partners going forward. This application is an example of the power of the Screens platform, and we encourage developers and creators of all backgrounds to start thinking about their own fresh ideas for content and applications. Shoot us a note at