Magic Leap’s spatial computing running on DOCOMO’s 5G infrastructure brings Japan one step closer to a world without screens

Today, DOCOMO, Magic Leap’s exclusive telecommunications partner in Japan, launched it’s 5G networks and 5G edge capabilities, enabling spatial computing at scale. With the debut of Magic Leap’s developer portal for Japan, corporate Japanese website at, and the expansion of the Magic Leap 1 displays and screens to 100+ DOCOMO shops by the end of the month, Japanese developers, enterprises and early adopters can now experience the next era of computing. In addition, we are excited to announce that Magic Leap 1 will be available for sale for the first time in Japan after May 2020.

Spatial computing frees digital content from screens, seamlessly blending the digital world with the physical world. It allows digital content to interact with its physical surroundings and people to interact with content seamlessly, without the limits of a screen. DOCOMO’s 5G infrastructure removes the restrictions of speed, bandwidth and latency. This infrastructure and computing platform combined, enable companies, developers and individuals around the world to transform the way they communicate, collaborate, and learn new skills. DOCOMO’s corporate and individual customers can develop enterprise solutions and XR content services for the lightweight, wearable Magic Leap 1 to improve the work experience, generate efficiencies, and offer new ways to train and learn, collaborate and visualize content.

Removing Limits with Spatial Computing + 5G

The expansion of 5G networks and the 5G edge enables these spatial realities to expand in a scalable fashion. Together with our partner, DOCOMO, we will enable multi-user, low-latency, high-bandwidth spatial computing use cases in cities with 5G network access throughout Japan and the rest of the 5G enabled world. Our partnership with DOCOMO will enable us to jointly bring Magic Leap’s products and services to the Japanese market at an unparalleled level of performance.

We look forward to serving the Japanese market and are proud to partner with DOCOMO.

Look for more updates on availability in Japan here and on the developer portal.

Magic Leap Corporate Site - Japan:

Magic Leap Developer Portal - Japan: