Enable expert knowledge capture and distribution in your organization using Taqtile’s Manifest

Spatial computing brings optimized workflows and productivity to frontline workers through Taqtile’s Manifest application for Magic Leap 1.

Taqtile is using spatial computing to enhance productivity for frontline workers. It’s giving enterprises the chance to profoundly rethink workforce enablement and knowledge capture with the Manifest application on Magic Leap 1. Taqtile is a grant recipient of our Independent Creator Program.

CEO Dirk Schou tells us how the company is revolutionizing the ways employees learn and perform and why spatial computing is driving a new wave of enterprise transformation.




How can enterprises benefit from Taqtile?


As more manufacturers look to transform their operations to optimize efficiencies, margins and safeguard against business disruptions, the equipment, plants and infrastructure are becoming more complex and sophisticated, creating a significant skills shortage among frontline workers and an overwhelming need for knowledge transfer and distribution.

Taqtile creates software and solutions, like Manifest, to overcome this gap. Bringing digital transformation to the frontline allows enterprises to gather the native knowledge from skilled workers and use it across the organization.




How does Manifest work?


Manifest is an end-to-end solution developed on the premises of simplicity, consistency and scalability. It embraces spatial computing to enable expert knowledge capture, knowledge distribution and knowledge management within organizations.

Using 3D visualization, IoT Data, physical equipment and an expert’s knowledge, Manifest quickly creates a revolutionary approach to instruction. Workers can easily use the software to “author” a job — without the need for consultants or programming experience — and their knowledge can immediately be used to guide others.


Why does the future of the enterprise rely on spatial computing?


Spatial computing allows enterprises to change the way they approach training, job instruction and continuing education. To attract and retain employees who are digital natives, they need digital tools that speak to those who grew up on the internet and gaming.


What makes Manifest different from other enterprise XR solutions?


Unlike many enterprise tools, Manifest can be used with minimal technology expertise. Its capabilities quickly enable those who know the job best to capture that knowledge natively and on the spot. It moves past the days of 600 page manuals and the need to take the workforce away from their work to learn. The ability to have pre-authored instructions allows Manifest to aid organizations in business continuity when experts are unavailable onsite or cannot travel. Manifest also reduces errors, simplifies authoring, lessens training time for new employees, improves safety and solves complex problems faster with real-time learning.


How is the enterprise already using Manifest?


Enterprise customers are finding Manifest to be a game changer. It’s currently used in the manufacturing, energy, utilities, telco, government/defense, pharmaceuticals and education industries. Use cases vary, but, overall, the tool addresses a challenge in knowledge capture that previously had no efficient solution.

Taqtile’s Manifest is available and can be purchased as a per/user SaaS license and will be available for download on Magic Leap World starting in late March / early April 2020.