Atoms Not Included

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a product and a piece of art?

Have you ever wondered about the difference between a product and a piece of art? Why in some films, food, cars, cameras, books, music, and in almost anything (even a kiss) you can detect that extra feeling, that bit of care, respect and artisanship that tells you that someone, somewhere, put their heart and soul into what you are experiencing?

If you can, find someone who has an old Leica camera, a 1950’s Fender Stratocaster or Gibson Les Paul, or a Ramirez classical guitar. Someone thought deeply about every detail – every curve, every bit of glue, every ounce of the material.

Hopefully you have had at least one parent or friend or spouse or significant other make something special for you – warm chocolate chip cookies; dinner after a long day; or eggs and pancakes (with real maple syrup and fresh-squeezed orange juice) in the morning – at least once. And maybe you’ve done the same for someone else.

Art is everywhere, and can be in everything. It is where the feeling of the person (or people) creating the thing for you, is infused into their creation with their spirit, their warmth, and with a depth of feeling and intensity that somehow translates back to you. Great actors and musicians communicate this feeling – it is why we love them. Painters and sculptors can imbibe their works with this spirit and emotion. You can feel this essence in the best novels and film, and you can enjoy it in the best foods, made thoughtfully and with great care.

Here at Magic Leap we are gearing up for our First. Let’s not call it a product, although it is a product on many levels; but on some levels it needs to be more. We are setting up supply chain operations, manufacturing – many whirligigs and test machines and gizmos abound these days. Engineers move about our spaces with a sense of urgency. Intense debates about every form of science and art you can imagine float about. Plans have been made. Program and production managers track progress. Coders are coding. Operational and financial systems are being upgraded so that we can scale and deliver at the required volumes. Our First thing will not be everything. But it will be a big step in a whole new direction.

In my mind what we are really doing will transcend what can be contained in a physical product, the thing with atoms and such. What we will bring to you, the part you will really love and find special, is the part without atoms.

We are building a wonderful, special thing – whose purpose is to gently, and in harmony with you (your physiology, your being), produce a Digital Lightfield™ – a living river of light sculpture, which can transmit to you the feelings of magic and experience and presence. We call this our Mixed Reality Lightfield™. It comes to life by following the rules of the eye and the brain, by being gentle, and by working with us, not against us. By following as closely as possible the rules of nature and biology, we can deliver what is truly next.

We are creating the future computing platform for everyone, one of context, presence, intelligence, and experience. The technical bits are very cool and interesting and amazing – to those of you who will want to geek out. To paraphrase The Martian, “we are science-ing the heck out of it”.

But we are also creating something more. Our Mixed Reality Lightfield™ is the result of really cool engineering and design – but the emotion and feeling and joy comes from all over: from a community of creative and curious people, from the biggest studios in the world, from ingenious application developers, and from everyone who has an idea, including you. Ideas, love, feeling, artisanship, care, and joy – these will come from everywhere and everyone.

We want to make you smarter – not machines. We want you to feel empowered and connected to your friends and family and the world, in a way that feels much more natural than computing today. Today’s internet is one of data and information. Our vision at Magic Leap contemplates a connected, creative, and collective world of human experience.

We are dreaming the same dreams that captivate you, ones that go beyond what we see, and have seen. These are ancient dreams, but also extremely modern. We see these ideas in every culture, in books, in films, in paintings, and in our imaginations. Magic Leap will contribute to a part of this collective imagination – a new medium and way to unlock our collective thoughts and passions and creative will.

The parts that transcend atoms, the parts that make us thinking and feeling people; this is the most important part of our collective, creative future. Computing that bends to people’s needs, computing that makes us smarter, that allows us in all ways to have a better and more complete human experience, one of communication and sharing and enjoying. This is what we are working hard to achieve, an ideal which becomes a life’s work – what we all at Magic Leap hope can be understood in each step we take on this journey.

We are working hard to deliver the very best parts to you, atoms not included.