ANIMA RES makes medical education more interactive and engaging with the INSIGHT HEART app

See and feel the heart at work with INSIGHT HEART.

In November 2018, we launched our Independent Creator Program to help spur the development of cutting edge spatial computing experiences. The brief was simple: tell us your best development idea and we’ll help make it happen.

We were thrilled to receive more than 6,500 entries, from location-based experiences and spatial computing gaming concepts, through to ideas that could revolutionize the future of enterprise. After careful deliberation, we selected those projects that would really benefit from our development support and guidance.

As more finalists publish their experiences to Magic Leap World, we’ll be sharing their thoughts about developing for Magic Leap 1.



ANIMA RES wants to change the way pharmaceutical companies, physicians and students think about medical education and give patients greater accessibility. To bring more highly interactive content based on real life medical and scientific specifications to its customers, the company wanted to port its INSIGHT HEART AR app to spatial computing.

We spoke with Anima Res’ CEOs, Pablo Olmos and Rodrigo Olmos, about the launch on Magic Leap 1.


What is ANIMA RES’ specialty?


ANIMA RES specializes in augmented and virtual reality applications for the pharmaceutical, medical and educational sectors. Our goal is to make medical education fascinating at any time, in or out of the classroom — from medical offices and hospitals to lecture halls, conferences and homes.

For example, universities can complement traditional learning with spatial computing applications like INSIGHT HEART to offer new perspectives, better explain complex topics and visualize pathologies in a lifelike way. Schools can create excitement and fun in biology or science classes, while hospitals can dramatically improve doctor-patient communication with these learning tools.


How does INSIGHT HEART work?


The body is the first step in this experience — physical surroundings can be scanned and a three-dimensional body put in place without the need for predefined markers. Users can examine every bone in a highly detailed skeleton. Using the spatial menu to rotate and scale 4K textures, a high-resolution heart can appear floating before users’ eyes. Integrated spatial sound makes the heartbeat louder as users walk closer. Haptic feedback on the controller puts the feel of the heartbeat into the palm of the hand.


Impressive visualizations of various conditions, such as normal heart rate, myocardial infarction, arterial hypertension and atrial fibrillation can be activated. Then, the app’s virtual assistant ANI guides users through the various states.

Moving closer automatically opens the heart, letting users explore blood flow simulations. Spatial annotations provide more dedicated information for each region of the heart from every angle.


How can spatial computing change the future of medical education?


Spatial computing provides a near hands-on experience, allowing users to engage with digital content in the location of their preference without physical setups or even cadavers. Spatial computing can also allow doctors to learn new skills in a safe environment. Using spatial computing they will be able to repeat and practice a surgical procedure hundreds of times, without any risks. Interactive 3D visualizations of medical processes will also significantly facilitate doctor-patient communication by allowing patients to better understand their conditions, planned procedures, effects of medication and more.



What makes ANIMA RES different from other enterprise-grade, XR healthcare solutions?


Comparatively, ANIMA RES emphasizes the highest level of visual quality, vibrant animations and most engaging interactivity possible—all through spatial computing. We focus on delivering a cutting-edge experience that can be customized to our client’s needs beyond what traditional VR or AR experiences bring. Across Europe, Asia and the US, we’re working on over 350 medical and pharmaceutical projects, several ongoing patient education pilots and numerous collaborations with universities.


What else should we know about ANIMA RES?


Our vision is to make medical education available for everyone and believe it should be fascinating, explorable and fun. The future of learning will definitely be much more fun with spatial computing!

ANIMA RES’ INSIGHT HEART app will be available for download on Magic Leap World starting on March 12.