Scale your expertise

Available with every Magic Leap 2, Magic Leap Assist enhances operational efficiency and productivity, while also reducing downtime and travel expenses. Experts joining sessions from their laptops can see the live view streamed from an employee’s Magic Leap 2 headset. They can provide real-time guidance and place annotations within the employee’s field of view, enabling precise, one-on-one assistance and interactive training directly in their workspace.

Case study: Magic Leap x Dimensional Innovations


The high costs of expertise

Global businesses already experience a costly inefficiency: their experts can't be everywhere at once, and there's never enough of them. When uncommon yet critical issues occur, the conventional solution is to fly experts out to solve it—creating a travel budget that only adds to the cost of downtime.


Expertise. Any time, any place.

Magic Leap Assist allows organizations to effortlessly integrate AR technology, improving first-time fix rates and executing intricate tasks without incurring high travel costs. By seamlessly connecting employees to experts, Assist facilitates real-time complex operations and maintenance—reducing downtime and boosting efficiency. From their laptops, experts can remotely guide workers at pivotal moments in workflows using shared real-world/AR visuals, overlaying schematic diagrams, digital objects, and spatial annotations. This versatile app refines diverse remote support aspects, from diagnostics to comprehensive training and upskilling.