Work better together

Available with every Magic Leap 2, Magic Leap Workshop enables organizations to seamlessly adopt AR to improve collaboration across their teams. Workshop can be used to enhance any collaborative group scenario—from prototyping to presentations and everything in between.

Case study: Magic Leap x HUSH x Devco


The shortcomings of conventional collaboration

Conventional remote conferencing software, while connecting teams, falls short for many organizations—especially those frequently engaging with three-dimensional assets. Confined to two-dimensional interfaces, these platforms lack an intuitive space for effective collaboration and manipulation of 3D models. This constraint not only impedes the rapid iteration of models, rendering conceptual conversations less practical, but also creates a shortfall in interactive capabilities, limiting the overall potential of collaborative work where dynamic, tangible prototyping is key.


Collaboration beyond boundaries

Workshop enhances collaboration across the board, both locally and remotely. It offers a shared, immersive experience that empowers teams to visualize, interact with, and refine not just prototypes and models, but also broader concepts and ideas in a tangible way. Designed to augment traditional video conferencing, Workshop provides a versatile solution for all participants, whether co-located or remote, to advance project development across a variety of workflows.