The web in your world

Helio enables 3D objects to be pulled out of websites and into the physical world, transforming passive web browsing into an interactive spatial experience. With the ability to create true-to-life virtual replicas of anything from recipe cards to living room chairs, the world wide web is ready to bring a new era of accessibility to the world.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition


The web unboxed

Helio is the web as it should be: liberated from the confines of flat browsers. Experiences come alive in three dimensions, with fluid interactions that understand and react to the world around you.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

Zero Iteration

Think prisms, not pages

With Helio, the term webpage might begin to sound a bit dated. Design and develop for 3D prisms — not flat planes — in plain HTML and with zero iteration.

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

Placeable content

Grab and place 3D objects from a webpage to the real world for a range of transformative web experiences.

Transparent backgrounds

Invisible backgrounds allow web content to blend seamlessly into the physical environment.

3D favicons

Bring your branding to life with bold, volumetric favicons.

Featured Early Access Partners

Spatial computing brings new possibilities to how we work, play and shop online. Wayfair is revolutionizing e-commerce with virtual furniture that shoppers can place in their homes — enabling them to ‘try before they buy’. The New York Times is redefining the art of storytelling with rich 3D imagery. What will you transform?

Magic Leap One, Creator Edition

Take the leap

A universe of new experiences is being unlocked. If you’re a developer, creator or pioneer, join us in bringing a new dimension to the world’s largest content library — the world wide web — with Magic Leap One Creator Edition.


Starting at $96/month at 0% APR.

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