Technology: Manufacturing

Our proprietary manufacturing equipment and material science innovations, combined with our integrated production systems, enable us to produce high-quality AR optics at scale.

Magic Leap has spent years honing manufacturing processes and developing specialized equipment that allows the production of devices in a wide range of form factors. Our scalable optics manufacturing can be used as the foundation for AR devices that integrate digital content into the real world in different ways depending on the intended use case and desired form factor.

Magic Leap manufacturing

In depth: Manufacturing technology

Quality at scale

Patented manufacturing equipment

Material science breakthroughs

Vertical integration

We are the first to use inkjet-based imprint process (Jet and Flash Imprint Lithography) for AR waveguides, which along with our other proprietary in-house processes and equipment deliver unparalleled quality, yield, and cost efficiency at industrial volumes. While other companies have followed us and adopted JFIL, our proprietary technology and manufacturing processes are simple, delivering high quality, cost efficiency, and efficacy in waveguide and eyepiece development.

With our in-house equipment team, we build proprietary equipment specifically made to address the unique challenges of XR optical technology production. Our team creates both physical equipment like our LithoFlex350 machine and metrology tools, as well as the software that controls them. This allows us to produce high-quality eyepieces for a fraction of the cost of others in the industry, even while on accelerated timelines, and all with less waste.

We're constantly improving our glass substrate materials to deliver higher performance, more efficiency, and lighter weight devices. Beyond the use of traditional glass, we're creating one of the industry's first polymer substrates, offering exceptional image quality at half the weight and cost of a glass waveguide—enabling lighter, less costly AR devices.

Our vertically integrated manufacturing systems give us the ability to rapidly design, develop, test, troubleshoot, and scale production in-house to meet demand. We can quickly adapt and support a range of different AR devices, optimized for the desired FOV, and at a cost efficient price point.

Magic Leap is advancing what’s possible for AR with industry-leading optics and highly scalable manufacturing

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