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Meet the cast of AwesomenessTV’s "Light as a Feather" in your living room

Transport yourself into the world of the hit Hulu series, "Light as a Feather", with the newly released Light as a Feather app on Magic Leap World.

Transport yourself into the world of the hit Hulu series, Light as a Feather, with the newly released Light as a Feather app on Magic Leap World.

AwesomenessTV’s Light as a Feather second season recently premiered on October 4th as part of Hulu’s popular Huluween programming. The series follows five teen girls who play a game of “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.” Things take a turn for the worse when the players start dying off in the exact way the game predicted, forcing the survivors to figure out why they’re being targeted - and whether the evil force hunting them down is one of their own.

Now with the Light as a Feather app on Magic Leap World, the series extends to your home, bringing the show, its characters and environments into your living room. Harnessing the power of spatial computing, digital objects in the story interact with the physical world around you, as key characters and the storyline weaves around your physical environment and your interactions propel the story forward. “Magic Leap is a leader in innovation and we wanted to be the first to use spatial computing to extend a series or film’s narrative,” said Nikki Scoggins, Vice President of Marketing at AwesomenessTV. "In the Light as a Feather experience, our fans can explore the world of the series while trying to solve the mystery. They are encouraged to find the clues and end the curse. By working with Magic Leap’s technology, it allowed us to seamlessly integrate digital content into the physical world around us.”

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The experience first debuted earlier this year at VidCon, the world's largest celebration of digital video and online video creators, where fans of the series were able to experience the app and create a unique video of the experience to share on social. “The Light as a Feather experience is a natural extension of our storyline and provided us with a new way to reach our audience and attract new audiences to our content,” said Nikki Scoggins. “It is necessary for brands to have campaigns that not only connect with audiences but also elevate their experience. Spatial computing allows us to bring to life one of our most popular series and give fans access to the narrative in a way that was never previously possible.”

Getting it made:

AwesomenessTV worked with ViacomXR and R. Lee Fleming, the series showrunner and creator, to create a concept that reflected the show. Partnering with Magic Leap and Metastage, they used volumetric capture to shoot and execute the concept. “We wanted to create an immersive-on-all-fronts experience that incorporates three major elements in order to grow the series buzz among fans. We used volumetric video to allow audiences to explore their environment and their favorite characters in 3D from all angles using Magic Leap One and our Mixed Reality Cube set...” said Nikki Scoggins.

Adapting traditional production techniques for spatial storytelling:

“...When we first started to work on the project, we had to script it out as if it was one of our standard 2D shoots. Once we had the concept figured out, we then rescripted so it would make sense in a 3D experience. We had to note every single angle, figure out exactly where each talent stands, and build eye gaze which allowed the cast to follow the user’s movement to create a natural interaction. The volumetric capture shoot allowed us to figure out the best way to bring the concept to life by using 360 cameras around each cast member.”


The result:

“An immersive, unique approach to storytelling that pushes the medium and fan engagement. Roughly 750 people came through the LAAF Fan Experience at VidCon and we were able to pair influencer content and an augmented reality scavenger hunt to push the total social reach for the event to two million. It was hugely successful for us and we hope to be able to reach more people by making the app available on Magic Leap World and through continued activations.”


Where do we go from here?

“As spatial computing evolves, it will change how audiences consume entertainment. It will no longer be a screen-based experience. Instead, there will be an extension of the content being watched, and eventually, potential opportunities for the audience to interact and influence what happens in a show or film. AwesomenessTV is always looking at opportunities to engage our fans beyond our series and social media. We know that AwesomenessTV’s core demographic, Gen Z, likes experiential events and we will continue to push the boundaries of our narrative series.”

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