Magic Leap Launches WebXR Support, with Sketchfab as First Partner

We’re happy to collaborate with Sketchfab as our first WebXR partner, enabling creators and developers to continue to create XR content with javascript, and distribute it through the web on Magic Leap One, phones, tablets, desktops, VR and AR headsets.

NOTE: As of April 16, 2020 Sketchfab has not updated to support the new WebXR specification, so this functionality doesn't currently work on Magic Leap.

With Sketchfab, you can now see the power and flexibility of the Helio browser and Magic Leap One.

“On the content side, it means there is now a library of over 3,000,000+ 3D models - the largest library of volumetric user generated content - which can be browsed with Magic Leap.

On the utility side, it means that any 3D creator can explore their own creations on MagicLeap by simply posting it to their Sketchfab account. Sketchfab is integrated with most 3D creation tools out there, which means this provides the easiest way to publish from a 3D software to Magic Leap via Sketchfab.”

~ Alban Denoyal, Co-Founder and CEO, Sketchfab

As announced last week in a previous blog post, for the Lumin OS 0.96.0 update, we have included early developer support for W3C’s WebXR standard, enabling developers to build cross-platform, fully immersive web experiences based on an open standard.

Helio’s compatibility with the W3C WebXR standard is part of our ongoing support for open web standards and the immersive web community. We are committed to growing and contributing to immersive spatial computing. Developers can also utilize popular libraries such as Three.js and AFrame, Babylon.js to accelerate their development timelines.

In addition to our WebXR launch, Magic Leap is continuing to push the potential for multi-window spatial web experiences with Prismatic.js, which is a library for adding 3D objects, object extraction, page transparency, 3D favicons and more.

Update your devices today to experience immersive views and the SketchFab viewer in the Helio browser.

For more information on how to get started creating for WebXR on MagicLeap One, take a look at our development guide on our creator portal, and read more about as it becomes available to everyone.

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