Enhancing Human Experience Through Artificial Intelligence in Spatial Computing

| Andrew Rabinovich and John Monos

At Magic Leap, we strive to amplify human creativity and intelligence. Our mission is to use AI to enhance people’s daily lives, to be more creative and productive.

We are focused on human-centered artificial intelligence, that strives to mimic not just a brain but a mind; not just problem-solving but having initiative. By engaging this duality, we amplify human experience with artificial intelligence.

Whether motivated by communication, entertainment, or learning, experiences are driven by perception, emotion, and thought. We’re on a mission to push the boundaries of AI interfaces, developing approaches that can solve complex problems by interacting with and observing people. We believe AI will be most impactful when it is accessible to all and built with empathy and ethics in mind.

The main purpose of Artificial Intelligence today is to perform tasks defined by a human. Self-driving cars and digital assistants are popular examples of modern AI. Such systems attempt to emulate some functions of the human brain, they are complex pattern-matching machines with objectives and rewards, but they are not conscious.

People are naturally social; machines are not. AI systems should conform to implicit social sensibilities that underlie human interaction. To push the boundaries of AI interfaces with humans, we must develop approaches that can solve complex problems by observing and collaborating with people.

Our Human Centered AI is built on three foundational pillars:

  • User -- to be understood through behavior, emotions and preferences.

  • Aya -- an intelligent agent characterized in similar terms to the user, making it more accessible. These include personality, memory, knowledge, and the ability to interact with humans and machines.

  • Environment -- which dictates context and provides boundaries of interaction.

The interplay between these three pillars establishes a feedback loop between the user and the experience.

We are excited by AI that has initiative and believe in the synergy of these three pillars. A future is possible where such systems can improve and champion human potential.

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