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SIGGRAPH is fast approaching and this year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever. If you haven’t been before, SIGGRAPH brings together the very latest in computer graphics, animation, XR, Gaming and emerging tech for five days of talks, workshops, discussions and more. Excited?

Here’s what’s happening and when...

SIGGRAPH 2019: July 28 - August 1

Highlights of this year’s event include the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival: a qualifying festival for the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, a VR Theater, an Immersive Pavilion and expo hall, and countless talks by the world’s most talented creators––not to mention a jam-packed program of Magic Leap workshops, demos and experiences.

What You Need to Know:

EXPERIENCE Explore a world of unique installations and cutting-edge technologies in the Experience Hall. This year’s program features: Art Gallery, Emerging Technologies, Experience Presentations, Immersive Pavilion and Studio.

DISCOVER Listen to presentations of groundbreaking technical papers, skill-up at instructional courses, swap ideas at informal talks, listen to panel discussions, share class projects at Groovy Graphics Assignments, and explore all things Magic Leap at our full day workshop.

PLAY Download ScavengeAR, a mobile augmented reality gaming experience created for the event. Unlock badges and earn rewards, including SIGGRAPH merchandise and other cool stuff.

Check out the full event schedule, download the mobile app to create your itinerary, and keep reading to see where you can find us.

Magic Leap Workshop


DATE: Sunday 28 July

TIME: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM PDT

LOCATION: Cross Campus 800 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90017

ML Group Kicked off with a talk by our friends at Parallux––the brains behind “Mary and the Monster”––this 6-hour, hands-on workshop is your chance to dive into Lumin SDK’s powerful feature set and start building for Magic Leap One. The team from Magic Leap will walk you through hands-on API exercises and introduce you to the world of spatial computing. Find out what it is, what it can do and the tools and resources you need to create your own spatial computing experience. The workshop ends with a developer-led session all about spatial audio. Don’t forget to bring your Magic Leap projects and development questions.

Magic Leap Demos at SIGGRAPH:

From exploring life under the sea to creating art with an AI, immerse yourself in our Magic Leap experiences.

Experience Hall & Immersive Pavilion Hours

Sunday, July 28, 1:30-5:30 pm

Monday, July 29, 10 am-5:30 pm

Tuesday, July 30, 10 am-5:30 pm

Wednesday, July 31, 10 am-5:30 pm

Thursday, August 1, 10 am–3:30 pm


DATES: Sunday, July 28 - Thursday, August 1

LOCATION: Experience Hall: Immersive Pavilion - Village Undersea You’re invited to join us for the premier of our Underwater experience, created by the wizards at our Magic Leap studio. Put on a Magic Leap One headset and dive into an underwater world of colorful coral, fascinating sea creatures and jaw-dropping ocean vistas. This room-scale, spatial computing experience lets you explore life under the sea like never before.


DATES: Sunday, July 28 - Thursday, August 1

LOCATION: Experience Hall: Immersive Pavilion - Museum - South Hall K i-am-mica Inspired by collaborative art practices, you’ll be working with our AI Mica, the human center of spatial computing and AI, to create your own unique artwork. Find out what happens when you join creative forces with AI.

Mary and the Monster: Chapter One

DATES: Sunday, July 28 - Thursday, August 1

LOCATION: Experience Hall: Immersive Pavilion - Village Copy of MATM horizontal logos Discover the story of Frankenstein through the eyes of a young Mary Shelley. Brought to you by the powers of Parallux technology and Magic Leap One, you’re invited to explore the writer’s world as she conjures the most famous gothic tale of all time.

Nitro Sandbox

DATES: Sunday, July 28 - Thursday, August 1

LOCATION: Experience Hall: Immersive Pavilion - Village Nitro Screenshot Take a remote control car for a spin around a virtual obstacle course in this spatial computing game. Using motion controls and hand gestures, you can steer the car by line of sight or by switching to the car’s point of view.

Extality - XTDemo

DATES: Sunday, July 28 - Thursday, August 1

LOCATION: Booth 15, SIGGRAPH Garage, Hall H Northeast Corner

See some of the ways spatial computing is transforming the world of business, with spatial building construction, photorealistic floor plan and aircraft visualization, true-to-life spatial product rendering and an industrial drill press operation tutorial.

Magic Leap talks at SIGGRAPH

Meet the creators of our world-first spatial experiences and discover the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Undersea: Mixed Reality Tech & Art Lessons learned

DATE: Thursday August 1

TIME: 10:45am - 12:35pm

LOCATION: Experience Presentation Theater, South Hall J

Undersea is a spatial computing experience for Magic Leap One that lets you take a dip in a vibrant, colorful world under the sea. Find out some of the challenges we faced using Unreal Engine and Vulkan to bring life under the sea…to life.

Mica: A Photoreal Character for Mixed Reality

DATE: Sunday July 28

TIME: 10:45am - 12:15pm

LOCATION: Room 150/151

Mica is an autonomous, photoreal human character that you can meet through the powers of spatial computing. Discover how we created this almost-human persona and the cutting edge techniques we developed to achieve such high levels of performance, even on a mobile platform.

Spatial Computing and the Future of Enterprise

DATE: Tuesday 30 July

TIME: 12:00pm and Wed 31 July, 12:30pm

LOCATION: A Convention Center South Hall Booth # 1319 1201 S Figueroa S magicleap for business We discuss the opportunities of spatial computing for businesses, UE4 developer tools and programs, and the lessons learned from combining the power of UE4 with Magic Leap. The session also includes a look ahead to the future of enterprise.

Parallux Presents a Magic Leap Experience built on the Unity Lightweight Render Pipeline

DATE: Tuesday, July 30

TIME: 1:00pm

LOCATION: The Unity Booth

Parallux brings its latest experience, “Mary and the Monster: Chapter One”, to the Immersive Pavilion. Hear how creator Sebastian Herscher used the Lightweight Render Pipeline to create a high performing AR experience for Magic Leap that works across multiple XR platforms. Discover the challenges of mobile optimization, utilizing lightmaps and lighting techniques, as well as some of the content and experience design considerations of bringing this immersive story to life.

The Ethical and Privacy Implications of Mixed Reality

DATE: Monday, 29 July

TIME: 10:45am - 12:15pm

LOCATION: Theatre 411

Spatial computing brings with it all sorts of ethical and privacy dilemmas. This panel discussion explores best practices for navigating biometric privacy, the AR Cloud, self-sovereign identity, and the creation of a framework for navigating the implications of mixed reality. Moderator: Kent Bye, Voices of VR Podcast

Panelists: Diane Hosfelt, Mozilla Matt Miesnieks, 6D.AI Samantha Mathews Chase, Venn.Agency Taylor Beck, Magic Leap

A few other unmissable experiences

Alongside our world Premier of Undersea, Walt Disney Animation Studios premiers its second animated VR short film: “A kite’s tale”.

At SIGGRAPH 2018, our friends at Parallux premiered CAVE, a shared narrative virtual reality experience where participants could see and hear the same narrative from wherever they were in the room––just as if they were in a live theater.

This year they’ll be presenting an Art Paper that talks about their approach to multi-user XR collaboration, which helped lay the groundwork for the performance technology showcased in our “Mary and The Monster Experience”.

Don’t miss some of the Khronos sessions hosted throughout the conference and make sure you check out the Autodesk Vision Series.

The future is spatial

Spatial computing offers something for every flavor of game development. Learn more about Magic Leap One. and find out how our publisher program lets you share your spatial computing experiences with the world.

Want to bring your creativity to Magic Leap? Check out our current job postings here.

And don’t forget to look out for us at the event.

See you at SIGGRAPH.

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