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New Experiences, Background Music, Workshops (more cowbell?!)

This past month we launched new experiences, features, and workshops faster than we could keep you posted. Check out some of the highlights:

New Experiences:

Undersea is a graphically vibrant and compelling experience that puts fish, coral reefs, and ocean vistas in your space. Now available on Magic Leap World.

StatueofLiberty720p PuzzlAR: World Tour is a 3D jigsaw puzzle game from renowned Portugese developer ONTOP Studios, and it’s the first app published by our Independent Creator Program. As a player, you visit monuments from all over the world, but then you see them break apart and it’s your job is to restore them to their former glory. Learn more and check out the experience on Magic Leap World: Partner Stories - PuzzlAR

overture diagram 01 In our Lumin SDK, 0.97 update, we introduced Overture, the Landscape music app that's part of Lumin OS's Background Music Service (BMS). You can now build your own music app to play beside Helio, Chat & the rest of your Landscape apps. Read the overview and start creating.

We’ve been listening…

Over the past few months, the developer community shared a lot of feedback about the resources and tools you'd like to see from us. Your feedback covered the need for improved learning paths, more videos, code samples, and step-by-step guides. Last week, our Developer Relations team came together from around the world to dive into your comments and come up with specific action plans to implement your suggestions. Look for more updates on this soon.

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*Our teams hacking their way to better tools and resources for you

Head to our upcoming events

August 23rd: Developer Workshop at the University of Washington, CoMotion lab in Seattle, WA Register here

August 24th: Developer Workshop at Unity HQ in Bellevue, WA Register here

August 27-29th: Developer Workshops in Chicago, IL Register here

September 27-29: AT&T Business Hackathon in Plano, TX Apply here

Check out what our community’s been up to

With Lumin OS .97 and SDK 0.22, we’ve seen some fantastic experiments with our improved hand tracking, hand meshing, and hand occlusion updates. Here are some of our favorites:

@mechpil0t - Hand meshing and collisions with digital objects

@tokufxug - Hand and foot meshing now possible

@prvncher - Hand tracking and tracking FOV

@Dilmerv - Left hand tracking with Unity particle systems

Workflow Updates for Unity 2019.2

Unity recently updated to 2019.2, resulting in significant workflow changes for creating Magic Leap projects. Unity 2019.2.xx available from the Unity Hub, includes Lumin OS (Magic Leap) Build Support. It’s also the only version of the Unity Editor that’s compatible with the latest 0.22.0 version of Magic Leap Lumin SDK. But never fear! We’ve created new project setup instructions for you here.

That's all for now folks...

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