Manage all your Magic Leap devices, apps and data, with Device Manager

Starting today, businesses can rewrite the rules of enterprise with the launch of Device Manager. This new software gives you the support and tools you need to use and manage your organization’s Magic Leap devices, apps and data. Fast, efficient, and designed to be secure, admins can remotely configure devices, deploy private apps, and manage login credentials, all in one place.

Controlled access

With a Multi-app Kiosk Mode and custom device provisioning, you can restrict which apps and settings individual users can access. If, for example, you need to run a small team or client demo, you can use Multi-app Kiosk Mode to ensure individual users only access the content and controls they need to run the experience.

Centralized app management

Once a device is set up, your admins can upload apps, control who has access, change the settings on a device, and roll out updates centrally. And if you publish a new app for your workforce, you can remotely distribute that app to select users and leverage the Private App Installation to install it on specific devices in your organization. All at the same time.

Fast and secure

Device Manager lets you centrally manage all your Magic Leap devices, apps and data. Admins can configure and manage Wi-Fi passwords, remotely lock and wipe devices, and update profiles. And because employees use their company credentials to log in to a device, new users will have instant access, while people leaving the company will have their access automatically disabled. It’s a fast and secure way to keep on top of who uses your company’s Magic Leap devices, apps and data.

Expert support

Because we understand how frustrating it is when technology lets you down, if you ever run into any problems, you’ll have 7-day support from our team of experts. So you can get back up and running faster.

Access Device Manager

You can purchase a subscription for Device Manager online or through our Magic Leap sales team: Our Enterprise Suite also comes with 2-year access to this software. Speak to our sales team to find out more.

The future of enterprise

Device Manager is just one of the ways we’re giving businesses the tools they need to revolutionize the work they do. And as we move towards 2020, we’re focused on creating new enterprise solutions that lead to greater efficiency and productivity.

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