One Year of Magic

| Rony Abovitz

One year ago today we launched our first product: Magic Leap One, Creator Edition. It has been a wild year – one of learning, growth, creative breakthroughs, technical achievement, excitement, joy, and challenge.

We formed strategic telecommunications partnerships, in the US and around the world, and we put out a vision for a spatial computing future, a new spatial internet, what we call the Magicverse. We have also formed relationships with major brands, companies, sports leagues, filmmakers, artists, musicians, and actors to build prototypes and launch pilot programs that will help define the future of spatial computing

Our software team has released 7 updates to our Lumin OS, including our latest (0.97), which continues to unlock the power and capability of the unique Magic Leap One computing system and hardware. The Magic Leap developer relations team has worked tirelessly, meeting with developers and students all around the US and the world to make sure they can take full advantage of our platform.

lumin sdk blocks

Our content ecosystem continues to grow thanks to the many developers and partners who are working with us to create spatial apps, experiences, and encounters. We are also seeing the first fruits from our Independent Creator Program and are excited for all the new experiences to come. And we were humbled and honored by awards and recognition that the Magic Leap Studios team has received for Tónandi (with Sigur Rós), Create, and Dr. Grordbort’s Invaders (with our amazing partners at Weta Workshop & Gameshop).

Finally, we showed the world a first glimpse of MICA, part of our HCAI (Human Centered AI) initiative. MICA is no longer a vision, but the beginning phase of creating synthetic beings and intelligence with empathy and understanding. MICA is a possibility of how we may live in harmony with the technology we create, and with each other.


I believe that 2020-2030 will become the decade of spatial computing. We have significant portions of our tech teams developing the next generations of both our hardware and our software platforms. We have listened to all of your feedback over the past year – and have rapidly synthesized it into our next generation optics, photonics, sensing, CPU/GPU, UI, size, weight, and overall capability.

The spatial computing story will unfold over time – think of each year as a chapter, and the chapters will get increasingly more exciting. 2020-2025 will be an era of rapid change, of 5G, and of society and cultures around the world integrating omnipresent digital worlds and experiences into everyday life. 2025-2030 will become the beginning of the golden era of spatial computing. 2030 and beyond will be a world that will feel many decades away from 2019.

We can create a world together of empathy and magic, technology that exists to serve and improve the human condition, and a world where space and time are a canvas for creative exploration. We need thinkers and dreamers and writers and coders. We need artists and poets and athletes. We need engineers and designers who will dig into the earth, plow the fields, plant the seeds, and grow the future for all of us. We need ethical people to be courageous and to draw the constraints and regulations that allow this field to flourish and to also be safe. To be amazing but never abusive. To protect the data and rights of individuals.


Our team recently released Undersea, which for me expresses part of the Magic Leap DNA, mission, and vision. A wonderful, bright, and brilliant undersea world appears in your space, fitting to your space and to you. Undersea creates a moment of peace and joy, and gives each user a moment to dream, explore, and feel that their personal world is infinite and full of all possibilities.

I can see the future that our team is building at Magic Leap. It is vivid and clear, and in my mind it already exists – but that vision would only remain a vision if it were not for all of the talented individuals at Magic Leap, all of our incredible developer partners, our investors, suppliers, and everyone who supports us. Our families and friends support all of us through endless hours of work, through failures and success. Magic Leap is a collective effort, an idea manifesting through photons and atoms, a movement through the doors of our perception.

After a year of discovery and exploration we are learning which markets and sectors are becoming ripe for adoption, and which ones need more time to grow. We learned about the importance of XR compatibility for spatial computing, especially for Magicverse, and are building tools and capabilities to enable many devices to have a view into the amazing worlds that are being created. I believe that the devices we are building will offer the best experiences in the Magicverse – but I also believe that we should allow many existing and other future devices their own portals into our platform. We need to create, support, and promote standards that make life easier and better for users and creators. The worlds we create together will be richer, more inclusive, and full of innovation.

Our first year in the world has been fun, tough, awesome, hair-raising, joyful and intense. I want to approach our future years with even more joy, a wide vision, and boundless energy. But I also want Magic Leap to serve more, to place our developers, partners, customers, and community in the center of our world. Technology is not the most important thing in the world. People and families matter more. The people you love matter more. The health and peace of our world matters more. The environment and life on our planet matters more. Ending racism, sexism, and violence matters more. Engaging with different cultures, and working to better the human condition matters more. Magic Leap should always serve what matters the most, always serve people, and it should always be a place for joy and creativity.

Thank you,


Rony #FreeYourMind

Rony Abovitz President & CEO Magic Leap, Inc.


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