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Overture: Your Music App Connection

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As we embark on this spatial computing journey, the opportunities are almost endless but we’re sure of one thing: our music is going with us. That’s why we felt it was incredibly important to empower Magic Leap Creators to build music apps that more seamlessly integrate into our lives.

With our latest Lumin SDK, 0.97 released this past week, we introduced Overture, the Landscape music app that is a part of Lumin OS's Background Music Service or BMS. Without BMS, an audio stream on Magic Leap One is only heard while its app is active (focused). BMS lets you build an app with audio streams that continue to play in the background even as users work and play in other apps. Overture, for its part, provides users control over BMS.

Once launched with BMS, music, audiobooks, podcasts, or other streaming media continues to play as you switch between apps. You can launch an app to queue up some music, then put it in the background while browsing Helio. Shuffle serves you a song you don’t like? Time for dinner? Use Overture to skip tracks, pause, adjust the volume, or toggle shuffle/repeat from Landscape.

You can now craft a BMS-connected music app to play beside Helio, Chat, and the rest of your Landscape apps. By default, when you switch to an immersive app, BMS pauses your music for you. When you exit the immersive app, your music is waiting for you and resumes where you were. Immersive apps can explicitly opt-in to let BMS play in the background by adding an attribute in the component section of the app’s manifest. In the future, with music built into the heart of Lumin OS, you'll be able to expand apps in exciting new ways.

Using BMS

With our BMS SDK, you can create an app in Unity, Unreal, or Lumin Runtime that works with BMS to let users listen to music in the background. Your app provides the interface to start sessions, browse catalogs, manage playlists and play audio. overture diagram 01 For users in Landscape mode, without your app open, Overture connects to the Background Music Service to let you control the music while it plays on. The app provides remote control of BMS, while BMS manages the streaming of music and output to a Magic Leap devices’ speakers or attached headphones.

Ready to try your hand? This overview discusses the core principles and can help you get started: Background Music Service.


We’ve already incorporated digital music into our lifestyles with music and media. Music is essential to the human condition and incorporating music into spatial computing promises to add new dimensions to our users’ experiences. As a Magic Leap Creator, you can blend digital content and creativity into daily life in ways previously impossible. Our hope is that BMS will unlock new possibilities and inspire apps that entertain, delight, and transform.

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