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Putting hardware in the hands of the developer community.

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XR, democratized

Creativity in the XR industry is abundant. Hardware should be too. That’s why we’re launching Access Hardware. A program to put Magic Leap hardware in the hands of the developer community. You’ll also get support from our Developer Relations team and priority publishing. If you’ve got the skills to build a killer app, we want to hear about it.



We’re putting Magic Leap hardware into the hands of more developers across the globe as part of the program.



You’ll also get pro tips and additional support from our Developer Relations team via our Developer Forums and a dedicated Discord channel. If you’re suffering from app-build-anxiety or can’t figure something out – look no further.



Your app will be prioritized for publishing as part of the program. We want your app to be a huge success, so you may see some surprise marketing support from Magic Leap or our partners.

Program Details

Application Process

You can apply here. We’ll review applications on a rolling basis subject to availability. If you’re interested, apply today so you don’t miss out.

Selection Criteria

Are you ready to release a quality app in 2020, but don’t have the hardware you need? This program is for you. Our selection criteria will include your technical capability, project feasibility, and the quality of your submission. Hint: we’re particularly interested in apps that target enterprise customers.

Who Can Apply?

Any developer over 18 can apply. Every submission will be reviewed, and we welcome applicants from every race, religion, sexual orientation, and socio-economic background.

Note: If you work for Magic Leap, one of our partners, or already own a device, this program is not for you.

Other terms and conditions apply

Frequently asked questions

What is Access Hardware all about?

We recognize that some developers find our hardware prohibitively expensive and we want to fix that. From February 2020, we’re providing access to Magic Leap hardware to developers across the globe. You’ll also get support from our Developer Relations team via our Developer Forums and Discord, and prioritized publishing support. If you've got the chops to publish a killer app, we want to hear about it.

I've got more than one app in mind. Can I send multiple applications?

We can only accept one application per Magic Leap ID. If you’re not successful this time, we’ll keep your application on file in case another device becomes available further down the line.

How can I make sure my application is successful?

Tell us about your experience, your background, any apps you’ve had published, and most importantly, your development milestones for your app. Add anything else you think is relevant, and try to keep it short and sweet. We’re particularly interested to see apps that target our enterprise customers.

Does the recipient have to pay anything?

The cash value of items received are generally considered taxable income and may be subject to national/federal and state/local income taxes. You are responsible for reporting the proper tax treatment on your annual income tax returns and paying any associated taxes, if applicable.

When will I find out if I've won?

You’ll find out within 60 days of submitting your application, but we’ll try to let you know sooner.

How is this different from the Independent Creator Program?

Unlike the Independent Creator Program, you won’t receive any funding or monetary prize. But you will get to use Magic Leap hardware to bring your awesome app to life on our platform.

I need funding to fully support my app, will Magic Leap be providing that as well?

Not right now, but we do have a partnership with Epic MegaGrants who have committed $100 million to the developer community, in addition to 500 Magic Leap devices. If you need funding to advance your project, consider applying there as well.

Who can apply?

Anyone, except Magic Leap employees and immediate family members, partners, people who already own a device, and those under 18 years old. Read our terms and conditions for additional eligibility requirements. If you're eligible, we can't wait to review your application.

What are the grounds for disqualification?

There are a few things that could get you disqualified. Misrepresenting yourself, lying on your application form, or otherwise violating the program terms and conditions are all a big no-no.

When is the deadline for applications?

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until all devices have found a new home. If you’re interested, apply today so you don’t miss out.

When do the recipients get access to their hardware?

If your application is successful, we'll send clear instructions on what to do next. How soon we can send your hardware will depend on where you are in the world.

Ready to apply? Let's get started.

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