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Industry: Cross-industry | Finance

Category: 3D Visualization

Why choose Visualizer?

Uncover the greatest opportunities and riskiest pitfalls hidden in your data. Visualizer’s patent-pending technology and library of immersive visualization types can distill over 3,000 unique 4-dimensional plots (X, Y, Size, Color) into a single easy-to-understand image.

Magic Leap 1 allows you to walk around and through your data and find game-changing insights that your competitors just can’t see. Share what you learn with others on computers, tablets or mobile phones and turn end-to-end data analysis into one, integrated process.

How it will benefit your business

  • Drive better data-driven insights by broadening your data perspective and uncovering the impact of variable interactions.
  • React faster when you can see and understand streaming multidimensional data in its full context in an instant.
  • Understand and communicate up to 18 data dimensions simultaneously to reduce search time and get better insights.
  • Demystify AI and machine learning so business experts can understand models, without becoming data scientists, and help debug and optimize outputs in context of numerous inputs and real-world results.
  • Leverage global teams’ skills with real-time immersive collaboration across continents or by sending video recordings with voiceovers, annotations and animations to quickly and easily educate and assign tasks.
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3D Visualization
Cross-industry | Finance

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