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Interact with BIM projects in real-time.

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Industry: AEC

Category: 3D Visualization

Why choose VIM?

VIM enables AEC professionals and their stakeholders to communicate and cooperate on spatial designs in real-time. From conference rooms to job sites, teams can access projects virtually anywhere.

The first of its kind, VIM provides design and construction teams with unique and familiar ways of visualizing and sharing in real-time, with the tools you already know and love. Paired with the VIM cloud service, this immersive new tool will amplify and enhance AEC teams.

By removing 2D screens from an inherently three-dimensional process, VIM will play a significant role in the digitization of the AEC industry.

How it will benefit your business

  • Help project stakeholders communicate better.
  • Quickly access large, complex projects.
  • Preserve the design intent and quality of your work.
  • Extend to the jobsite with no learning curve.
  • Win pursuits with interactive, immersive stories.
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3D Visualization

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