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See cellular and Wi-Fi signals in any room or office.

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Industry: Cross-Industry | Telecom

Category: 3D visualization | Data Analytics

Why choose SeeSignal?

SeeSignal gives you the superpower of wireless vision. Explore your home and work to reveal/repair issues or plan new networks like 5G.

Wireless signals are difficult because they're invisible. Current analysis tools fail because they rely on expensive equipment or clunky floorplans, but these signals actually exist in three dimensions and are affected by the constant movement of people, devices, and even furniture. Augmented reality changes all the rules to provide a groundbreaking new solution.

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, SeeSignal visualizes wireless data as interactive holograms while you walk around. Collect measurements, discover problems, and manage security with ease and efficiency.

How it will benefit your business

  • Reduce time spent diagnosing wireless issues.
  • Monitor and manage security of existing networks.
  • Enhance visualization and communication of infrastructure.
  • Reduce equipment costs for new deployments.
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3D visualization | Data Analytics
Cross-Industry | Telecom

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