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Create a virtual store so shoppers can browse, try and buy at home.

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Industry: Retail

Category: 3D Visualization

Why choose Obsess?

Turn your store into an immersive, virtual experience that shoppers can access all around the world. Make endless digital aisles to show all your products, and create different store layouts. The only limit is your imagination.

Retailers can style and merchandise their mixed reality store, right in the app. You can showcase your virtual store at events, empty retail spaces, within a larger retail space, or at home.

Shoppers with Magic Leap 1 can walk around to explore your products in 3D at true-to-life scale, and interact just like they would in a regular retail store.

How it will benefit your business

  • Brand stories come to life for customers as they discover products and services in fun, immersive ways.
  • Turn empty spaces into fully-stocked stores, showcase your entire range of products, and allow in-store purchases and delivery of online items.
  • Create endless aisles in any retail environment, no matter its shape or size.
  • Simulate and test in-store merchandising set-ups, without having to go through the expense of a physical buildout.
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3D Visualization

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