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Capture and distribute specialized knowledge within your organization.

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Industry: Cross-industry | Manufacturing

Category: Learn & Assist

Why choose Manifest?

Manifest enables expert knowledge capture, distribution, and management within your organization. Experts can create specialized training content using real-world equipment and distribute it across your workforce.

Quickly and easily record step-by-step instructions, leveraging video, photos, voice, text, pdfs and digital replicas to explain your subject matter. Using these job instructions (e.g. how to repair a faulty aircraft engine), operators on the front line can carry out the repair with the aid of in-situ content, and get remote live support from an expert when needed.

Beat the skills gap and improve operational efficiency by equipping experts within your organization to train new and existing employees in a natural and intuitive manner with Manifest on Magic Leap 1.

How it will benefit your business

  • Improve collaboration with remote access to visual data and live experts.
  • Solve complex problems faster with real-time learning.
  • Reduce training time for new employees.
  • Boost employee retention and attraction with a digital training solution.
  • Create a safer work environment with less errors.
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Learn & Assist
Cross-industry | Manufacturing

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