Insight Heart

by Anima Res

See 3D heart anatomy and cardiovascular conditions with detailed animations.

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Industry: Health | Education

Category: 3D Visualization | Communication, Collaboration & Copresence

Why choose Insight Heart?

Insight Heart opens up new ways to explore human anatomy, allowing students to learn in detail within a safe environment.

Examine every bone in a highly detailed skeleton. Use the spatial menu to rotate and scale textures, and see a high-resolution heart float before your eyes. Integrated spatial sound makes the heartbeat louder as you walk closer, and haptic feedback on the controller lets you feel the pulse in the palm of the hand.

See the future of medical and health education with Insight Heart on Magic Leap 1.

How it will benefit your business

  • Impressive visualizations of various conditions, such as normal heart rate, myocardial infarction, arterial hypertension, and atrial fibrillation.
  • Physical surroundings can be scanned and a 3D body put in place without the need for predefined markers.
  • The app’s virtual assistant, ANI, guides you through the various states.
  • Moving closer automatically opens the heart, letting you explore blood flow simulations.
  • Explore spatial annotations that provide more dedicated information for each region of the heart, from every angle.
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3D Visualization | Communication, Collaboration & Copresence
Health | Education

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