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See 3D maps with live data, traffic, weather and Twitter updates.

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Industry: AEC | Manufacturing | Education

Category: 3D Visualization | Communication, Collaboration & Copresence | Location-based Experience

Why choose Holomaps?

Explore real-time data within a holographic model with Holomaps. Rotate, focus and zoom in on areas of interest, then share what you’re seeing with others who are local or remote.

Data source integration brings contextually relevant information into the map. See real-time traffic and weather data, plus geo-tagged updates from Twitter.

Collaborate and present to colleagues using the 3D pen tool, voice-to-text annotation, or capture photos and video — all with Magic Leap 1.

How it will benefit your business

  • See 3D topography, infrastructure, and buildings overlaid with contextually relevant, real-time information.
  • Shared Experience Technology lets you present to people whether they’re local or remote.
  • Tailored solutions available for site planning, management, security and more.
  • Collaboration tools like voice-to-text annotation, capture photos and video help you get your message across.


3D Visualization | Communication, Collaboration & Copresence | Location-based Experience
AEC | Manufacturing | Education

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