by Flow Immersive

Data storytelling in AR and web for remote and in-person meetings.

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Category: Communication, Collaboration & Copresence | 3D Visualization

Why choose Flow?

Travel is an inefficient way to collaborate for high-stakes meetings, such as strategy sessions, workshops, and closing sales. Existing remote tools don't solve for these use cases which involve data and many-to-many interactions.

The solution can't be just using more data in PowerPoint on Zoom, because it lacks interactivity and context. Nor XR with just avatars, because meaningful conversation content goes deeper than post-it notes and flat slides in space.

Flow solves the problem by providing a meeting and content system for targeted use-cases, templatized for rapid creation, browser-based for ease-of-adoption across devices, with spatial computing for presence and intuitive interaction, using data and diagrams for data-driven decision-making. It takes these pieces to be effective, and our customers find it a powerful package.

How it will benefit your business

  • Replace travel for workshops and meetings where video conferencing falls short.
  • Increase content understanding.
  • Increase participant engagement.
  • Intuitively interact with dynamic data and diagrams as well as other participants.
  • Join from any device with no app download.
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Communication, Collaboration & Copresence | 3D Visualization

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